List of best spas in Massachusetts

When people think of Massachusets, their minds inevitably conjure images of Boston in all of its cosmopolitan grandeur, towering skyscrapers, and throngs of people walking up and down the stress at a breakneck pace. Massachusetts, however, is so much more than just Boston.

The Pilgrim State is rich in history and natural beauty, its history deeply connected with the inception of the United States, a trip to this gorgeous state is the perfect way to get your mind off of the woes of daily life.

Canyon Ranch Spa

The Canyon Ranch Spa offers the perfect setting for a restorative retreat in the gorgeous Berkshires, away from the stresses of the daily grind.

With over 4 decades of experience, the eager staff at the Canyon Ranch Spa know exactly how to help remove the stress from your body so you can enjoy your romantic retreat to the fullest.

Exhale Spa

Voted as the Best of Boston, Exhale Spa is a wellbeing mecca in Boston’s bustling downtown area.

This meditative space offers the ideal setting for you to sit down, relax, and unwind and abandon the worries that plague your mind. Undertake one of Exhale’s soothing Yoga classes followed by one of their famous facials.

Spa at the Mandarin Oriental

Located in the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel, this lavish spa is the perfect urban retreat for weary guests looking for an afternoon of pure unadulterated pampering.

Aside from the incredibly well furnished and modern facilities that we’ve grown to expect from the Mandarin Oriental, you’ll find a variety of highly personalized, result driven treatments.

G2O Day Spa

A great place to visit if you’re looking for some more exotic therapies, G2O Day Spa boasts a salt cave as well as a variety of hollistic treatments to deliver the best possible results during your romantic retreat.

On top of the salt room, G2O Day Spa offers a wealth of oriental beauty rituals and soothing therapies.


Viyada Thai Spa

If like many others, you’re a fan of Thai massages and therapies, then make sure to head over to the Viyada Thai Spa for an authentic Thai spa experience.

Thai massages are just the tip of the iceberg at Boston’s premier Thai Spa, the Viyada also offers multiple oriental therapies that make ample use of aromatherapy and herbal compresses.

Bliss Spa Boston

Bliss Spa is one of the finest beauty oriented wellness centers in Boston, making it the place to go if you’re looking to look your best during your weekend retreat.

Get your nails done and lean back into your oversized chair as the staff at Bliss pamper you back to health.

Spa at the Intercontinental

Located right on the waterfront, the Spa at the Intercontinental combines great views with an extensive spa menu.

Enjoy the sweeping views of the waterfront as the attentive staff of the Spa at the Intercontinetal massage your sore body back into its best self.

Corbu Spa and Salon

Another luxurious wellness center that specializes heavily on beauty treatments, Corbu Spa & Salon offers bespoke services in fair Cambridge.

Corbu is the perfect place if you’re looking to get some work done to your hair, whether its a simple haircut or a full blown make over, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Corbu Spa & Salon.

Spa at the Four Seasons

A veteran of our lists, the Spa at the Four Seasons is incredibly well equipped to welcome you into a tranquil and serene setting so you can recharge your batteries.

With a beautiful indoor swimming pool surrounded by floor-to-ceilling windows that showcase Boston’s skyline, you’ll find it hard to not relax as soon you walk through the front door.

Spa at the Four Seasons Dalton Street

As luck would have it, Boston has another Four Seasons, this one in Dalton Street. The Spa at the Dalton Sreet’s Four Seasons offers a variety of massages and other menu items that its Boylston Street counterpart does not.

One of the signature treatments, the Celestial Black Diamond Antioxidant Facial is an incredible indulgent and soothing choice.

White Elephant Spa

What the White Elephant Spa has to offer is simple, yet eternally appealing. A tranquil harborside retreat where the sounds of the ocean assist you into a peaceful state of mind.

The White Elephant Spa offers a quintessencial spa experience that is elevated by the natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere that surrounds it.

Breve Hotel

Tucked away in the heart of Boston’s Seaport District, Breve Spa combines ancient healing rituals with modern wellness techniques to craft their result-driven treatment menu.

On top of a beautiful view, Breve Spa offers both beauty services and classic wellness treatments for you to enjoy.

Blantyre Spa

Blantyre Spa dedicates itself wholly to your wellbeing, and it shows. Boasting an incredibly attentive staff and highly costumizable and personalized treatments, you’ll surely leave through the front door feeling brand new.

You’ll find that every product used at the Blantyre uses seasonal, organic ingredients, that when combined with the staff’s expertise, deliver unbelievable results.

Spa at Chatham Bars Inn

The award-winning Spa at Chatham Bars Inn has been named the finest spa in Cape Cod, which means that if you’re in the area and in need of a massage, a visit is definitely in order.

The cozy and serene outdoor cabanas make for the perfect place for a relaxing massage, lulled into a peaceful state of mind by the rustling of the leaves. 

Beach Plum Spa

Located in Cape Cod’s oldest town, Sandwich, the historic Beach Plum Spa boasts an award-winning restaurant located on-site, as well as a full-service spa to indulge your every need.

The Beach Plum Spa offers a wealth of treatments for both men and women, as well as select couples experiences.

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More Spas close to Massachusetts

Gone so soon? We’re sure you’ll keep coming back for more romantic escapes to Massachusetts after your first one. In the meantime, if you want to visit a place that has the same kind of appeal as Massachusetts, natural beauty, rich history and all that good stuff, make sure to check out our lists below.


  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Yes! Most of the hotels that made it into our list offer hotel accommodations, The Four Seasons, the Intercontinental and the Mandarin Oriental to just name a few.

  • Which spa in Massachusetts offers the most and best treatments?

    Our pick has to go to the Spa at Chatham Bars Inn. The cozy outdoor cabanas and the tranquil setting really elevate the already incredible services.

  • Which spas have a heated pool?

    All of them! Every spa with a pool on our list heats their pools.