List of best spas in Wilmington

There are few cities in the United States like Wilmington. While not famous like nearby Jersey City and New York,  serene and tranquil Wilmsington is just as deserving of a visit.

Known for its abundant green spaces, thriving art scene, world-class restaurants scenes, and vivid historic and cultural monuments, Wilmington is a city that makes it easy to slow down and enjoy the small things in life.

Sago Salon Spa

Starting off our list, the Sago Salon Spa makes the most of the serene atmosphere and plentiful green spaces that make Wilmington so special. 

Located on the waterfront and surrounded by nature, a trip to Sago is the perfect way to leave your worries behind. Its extensive massage package, including Swedish, Shiatsu, and deep-tissue treatments, ensure that no matter how stressed you are, you’ll feel revitalized by the end of the weekend.

Harmony Spa

Harmony Spa is a great choice if you’re looking to feel glorious and fabulous during your Wilmington retreat.

Armed with an incredible menu of soothing therapies and indulgent facials, Harmony Spa allows you to sit down and enjoy a day that’s all about you.

The Bellmoor Inn & Spa

Located in the award-winning Bellmoor Inn, this spa ticks a lot of boxes for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Located just across from the iconic Rehoboth Beach, at Bellmoor Spa you can enjoy a world-class massage and a rejuvenating facial, and afterward enjoy a refreshing dip in the beautiful Atlantic.

Cape May Day Spa

Located in one of America’s favorite destinations when the weather starts heating up, Cape May Day Spa is the place to go for a luxurious spa day during your retreat.

Cape May Day Spa offers a menu dedicated to taking your mind off the problems of day-to-day life so you can enjoy your time away from the city. 

Sea Spa

Another splendid day spa in Cape May, Sea Spa offers a unique spa experience that makes the most of Cape May’s beautiful beaches.

Enjoy a massage on the beach, overlooking the ocean, with the sound of the waves gently soothing your mind as the hands of Sea’s Spa’s expert therapists massage the stress out of your body. 

Fabrizio Salon & Urban Retreat Spa

Looking our best is an easy way to recover from a hard day, the hairstylists and make-up artists at Fabrizio Salon & Spa understand that, and offer a relaxing environment and the expertise to make you glow.

This award-winning salon is the perfect place to try out a new hairstyle and up your make-up game so that you can keep looking incredible long after your visit.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

With over 400 locations spread throughout the states, Hand & Stone Massage has earned quite the reputation. 

Specializing in tailored massage treatments that aim to release all the stress and tensions from your body, as well as rejuvenating facial treatments that’ll make your skin feel plump and fresh, a visit to this award-winning spa is a great way to start your relaxing retreat.

Utopia Salon & Spa

Another incredible location for those looking for a glow-up during their trip to Wilmington, Utopia Salon & Spa offers some of the best beauty treatments in the area.

Let yourself be the center of attention and enjoy being pampered from head to toe by an expert team of hairstylists, nail techs, and make-up artists so that you can make of your much-deserved time off.

Cloud 9 Day Spa

Are you in need of a good foot rub? Then Cloud 9 Day Spa is a must-visit destination during your stay in Wilmington.

Nourishing hand and foot care treatments will make dry hands and sore feet a thing of the past, and to bring the whole experience together, a multi-step tailored massage that won’t end until you’re feeling as good as new.

La Dolce Vita Spa

If your partner is coming with you and wants to join in on the spa day fun, then La Dolce Vita Spa’s extensive couples treatments menu should have your interest.

Offering a large selection of his and her massage packages, indulgent facials and rejuvenating skincare treatments, a trip to La Dolce Vita will only make your time in Wilmington as well as your relationship that much sweetskin career.

Vogue on 24

The hip and trendy Vogue on 24 is famous among locals for its attentive staff and excellent hair services.

Their menu offers Brazilian Blowouts, extensions, as well as a variety of treatments that aim to keep your hair looking its best. 

While Vogue on 24 specializes in hair, their facials and skincare services are nothing to scoff at, using cutting-edge techniques to achieve impressive results.

First State Floats

What better way to leave your worries behind than by looking inward? Float therapy offers you the opportunity to leave the noise and all other distractions at the door and enjoy some time to rediscover yourself.

After your contemplative session in the water is over, enjoy one of First State Floats’ bespoke massages so that your body matches your relaxed and balanced state of mind.

Day Spa at the Marina

Located right on the waterfront overlooking the Nanticoke River Marina, a visit to the  Day Spa at the Marina is the perfect way to end your day after exploring the beautiful outdoors.

The Day Spa at the Marina offers every kind of treatment you could ask for, from lash extensions to make-up, so sit back and unwind in its soothing atmosphere.

Rejuvenation Day Spa

Rejuvenating Day Spa’s main goal is to help you reclaim the youthful glow that the stresses of daily life so easily chip away at.

Using a variety of bespoke facial and skin care treatments, the therapists at Rejuvenation Day Spa will turn the wheels of time to help you look your best once more.

Reflections Spa Salon & Taning

The incredibly elegant and sophisticated Reflections Salon Spa helps you relax with a pampering foot rub and pedicure.

After your feet and hands are taken care of, sweat out the toxins and worries with a trip to the sauna.

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More Spas close to Wilmington

There is so much more for you to enjoy in the vicinity! With New Jersey and New York just over the horizon, the possibilities for a prolonged weekend retreat are limitless.

Check out our lists below to find the best places to stay during your visit.


  • Which spas have a heated pool?

    The Bellmoor Inn & Spa and Sago Salon Spa both have heated swimming pools!

  • Which is the best spa for a couple's experience?

    The Bellmoor Inn & Spa has a dedicated menu of bespoke couple's experiences, all in a beautifully romantic atmosphere.

  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Yes! The Bellmoor Inn & Spa and the Sago Salon Spa both offer incredible rooms.