List of best spas in Williamsburg

Williamsburg has long been famed for its gentle hospitality and bucolic beauty, which is only enhanced by the historic charm and unique landmarks that are so characteristic of the area . 

Only adding to its appeal, Williamsburg is rich in first-class spas and salons that’ll help you feel the way that you’re supposed to.

Bath House

Located in a converted factory in the heart of Williamsburg, Bath House’s industrial décor gives this wellness center an incredible amount of character that contributes to a soothing and serene setting for a relaxing spa day.

A lazy soak in a dimly lit room is the perfect way to forget about your problems and get in the right mindset to enjoy the rest of your retreat in Williamsburg.

Spa Palace

If you’re looking for a more classic spa experience rather than baths we got you covered. Spa Palace offers bespoke wellness treatments and therapies as well as some incredible beauty services. 

Get a great massage followed up by a brand new haircut and a complete upgrade to your skincare game, and we promise that you’ll feel brand new by the time you walk out the door.

Williamsburg Beauty Spa

When you’ve constantly got a packed schedule and you’re always worried about something, the first thing to suffer is your skin. The Williamsburg Beauty Spa is here to help you fight back and regain the youthful glow that the stresses of daily life so freely steal. 

Using natural organic skincare products and a highly personalized set of treatments, the talented staff here is going to have you looking your absolute best.

Vessel Floats

Using cutting-edge treatments, you’ll be able to explore your mind in pure silence with the help of Vessel Floats’s incredibly modern facilities.

Using sensory deprivation and float therapy, Vessel Floats offers you a unique opportunity to heal from the pressures of daily life by cutting off all the interference from the outside world and allowing you to look inward. 

Chateau Glow Skin

If you want to completely revamp your skincare routine and start from scratch, Chateau Glow Skin has everything you need for a skincare plan and routine that’ll have your skin poppin in no time.

The talented skincare experts at Chateau Glow are uniquely trained to advise you on the right treatments and products for your specific skin type and needs. You can choose from a variety of skin care product lines available at their store, ranging from luxurious anti-aging creams to organic moisturizers and exfoliators.

Spa Ella

What is a great way to boost your self-esteem and put you in a great mood in no time? If you said a great mani-pedi then you’re dead on, and that’s exactly what Spa Ella specializes in.

After your indulgent mani-pedi session, let everyone know who you are and what you’re about by customizing your nails, you’ll find that the nail techs at Spa Ella can put anything you want on your nails.

Pure Qi Spa

Pure Qi Spa is a big believer in specialization and ultra-personalized service. The elegant, candle-lit ambient relaxes you and puts your mind at ease from the moment you step in, preparing you for a day of pure relaxation.

Once you’re in the right mood, the talented staff will get to work and melt away the knots of stress that have been plaguing you with their expert massages and techniques.

Glo Boutique Spa

If you’re looking for a place for a couple’s makeover or an indulgent spa party with your friends, then look no further than Glo Boutique Spa.

With the perfect romantic setting for an intimate spa experience with your partner, the high-tech treatments and attentive spa at Glo Boutique Spa make for a great experience that you’ll remember long after you’ve left Williamsburg.

Grace's Day Spa

Grace’s Day Spa’s claim to fame is using a combination of modern treatments to elevate common skincare therapies and boost their efficiency.

Using LED light therapy and cutting-edge Hydrafacials to help rejuvenate your skin and recharge your mental batteries, your skin will thank you for taking the time to visit this incredible wellness center.

Wendy Spa

Offering relaxing massages in a tranquil and toned-down setting, Wendy Spa is the quintessential day spa.

Forget about your worries,  sit down on a nice comfy chair and let the wellness experts at Wendy Spa pamper you from head to toe. 


Bedford N6 Spa

Famous for its top-tier massages and warm and inviting candlelit ambiance, Bedford N6 Spa is a great choice to relax during your Williamsburg retreat. 

Recharge your batteries and unwind from the stress of daily life with a good old-fashioned massage in a cozy welcoming space.

Purely Natural Medical Spa

Purely Natural Medical Spa offers some incredibly unique treatments to help you recover from hectic pace and stresses of regular day to day life.

Detox and get ready to go back to the hustle and bustle with Purely Natural’s revitalizing Vitamin IV cocktails, specifically designed to give you the oomph you need to combat the pressures of daily life.

Body By Brooklyn

A visit to the luxurious Body Brooklyn spa is just what the doctor ordered for your romantic escape to Williamsburg. 

This incredible spa is a soothing oasis that aims to restore balance to your body and mint to empower you to face the challenges that daily life has in store. 

With incredible facilities and a bespoke spa treatment menu, you’ll find it hard to leave Body by Brooklyn feeling anything other than amazing.

Gather Nail & Spa

One of the best places in Williamsburg to head to for a great mani-pedi coupled with an indulgent foot soak and rub, Gather Nail & Spa has been pampering Williamsburg locals for years now.

Rows of comfy chairs line the halls of Gather, giving it the classic nail salon feel that we all know and associate with a delectable spa day.

Divina Threading & Salon

Wrapping up our list, Divina Threading & Salon is the place to visit to make sure that your eyebrow game stays on point throughout your relaxing retreat. 

Eyebrow threading is the bread and butter at Divina, but that doesn’t mean that’s all they can do, waxing and eyelash extensions and tinting are all on the menu. 

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More Spas close to Williamsburg

Here’s a list of places that you might love to visit if you enjoyed Williamsburg, varying from   nature-centric destinations to bustling city centers, you’ll find it all on our lists.


  • Which spa in Williamsburg offers the most and best treatments?

    Spa Castle offers a stunning variety of incredible treatments, with great service and a beautiful space to boot.

  • Which is the best spa for a couple's experience?

    Surprisingly, the Bath House! There's something special and intimate about lounging around and soaking in a lavish bath with your signficant other.

  • Are spas in Williamsburg safe?

    Yes! A lot of time and effort goes into making sure that everything is as clean and disinfected as possible to ensure that the experience is safe as possible. Nothing will put a hamper on your relaxing time more than getting sick!