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Washington D.C., the political capital of the United States, is a great place to visit, no matter the reason. This bustling city is home to world-class art galleries, great cuisine, and most importantly for the purposes of this list, some of the best spas in the nation.

Best spas in Washington D.C.

Salamander Resort & Spa

To start off our list, the Salamander Resort & Spa is the ideal place for couples who choose D.C. as the destination for their romantic getaway and are in the market for an afternoon of pampering.

Take in the scenic views of the area as you enjoy one of the best massage sessions of your life that is guaranteed to have you walk out the door feeling brand new.

Four Seasons Spa

The Four Seasons Spa on Pennsylvania Avenue is an urban oasis, welcoming weary guests for a restorative journey.

The state-of-the-art facilities at the Four Seasons Spa combine lavish beauty with sophisticated pragmatism.

Boasting a gorgeous indoor pool and a wealth of therapies available to guests, so no matter your concerns, you’ll find a therapy for you at the Four Seasons.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa

The Ritz-Carlton Spa is wholly dedicated to pamper and indulge the guests every wants in needs during their visit to their luxurious facilities.

The spa is a intimate escape in the heart of the city, aiming to offer weary travelers a moment of respite from day to day stress.

For the best facial of your life, get the Hydrafacial package from the seasoned experts.

Rosewood Hotel Spa

What better way to end a day enjoying the distinctive hum of the capital city than to engage in a moment wholly dedicated to wellness and rejuvenation? Thats what the Rosewood Hotel Spa has to offers its guests.

The spa offers a wide array of indulgent treatments, all done in your room for the utmost comfort and privacy.


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Spa at the Mandarin Oriental

Surprise, surprise, the iconic luxury hotel, the Mandarin Oriental is also home to the most beautiful spa in the city, and certainly one of the finest.

The subdued and tranquil decór coupled with fragrant aromatherapy candles create an idyllic atmosphere that helps heal and relax your mind, while the tailor-made signature treatments cleanse your body of the stresses of daily life.

The Ven at Embassy Row

The Ven perfectly harnesses the historic charm of the lavish mansions that surround it to create a uniquely sophisticated atmosphere for a weekend of relaxation.

Work on your tan during your visit to the capital city at the Ven’s scenic rooftop swimming pool, with unmatched views of the surrounding cityscape.

Argenta Spa

The Argenta Spa combines cutting edge treatments, glamorous service and beautiful facilities to deliver one of the best wellness experiences that Washington D.C. has to offer.

An ample swimming pool and a variety of couples treatments are offered at the Argenta, but it truly distinguishes itself from other spas with its incredible signature treatments.

Wharf Spa

Take your mind away from the pressures of daily life with a relaxing and reinvigorating visit to the Wharf Spa, a luxurious full-service spa in Washington’s hip Wharf neighborhood.

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with any of the Wharf Spa’s innovative, cutting edge-treatments and therapies tailor-made to your needs.

The Spa by Ivanka Trump

The Spa by Ivanka Trump is an intimate sanctuary in the form of a wellness center that focuses its therapy menu on cutting edge skincare and beauty services, making it the ideal place to visit during your stay in Washington D.C. for a makeover.

Enjoy a sauna session at their signature Himalayan Pink Salt Room followed by a thouroughly pampering facial and mani pedi package.

Unwind Wellness Center

Unwind Wellness Center offers guests a wealth of holistic therapies that aim to rejuvenate guests with a traditional day spa experience.

The wellness center offers every type of treatment, from acupuncture to specialized, cutting-edge skincare like the Endermolift.

KARMA Beauty Lounge

Karma offers a wide array of salon services, rejuvenating treatments, and relaxing massages that’ll have you look and feel like your best self by the time you walk out the doors.

At Karma, you can get an incredible spa day and a full makeover in the same place. Let the experienced aestheticians and beauty professionals of this incredible day spa work their magic on you.


Nusta is the first day spa in the U.S to be awarded a Gold Certification. Showing that the service at this world-class day spa is a step above the competition.

Nusta specializes itself in state-of-the-art anti-aging treatments, skincare therapies and other rejuvenating services that aim to remove the effects of time from guests’s visages.

The Spa at Hotel Washington

The Spa at the Hotel Washington offers weary guests a cosmopolitan sanctuary in the heart of the city and pamper them back to a state of mental and physical well-being.

Every treatment at the Spa uses Comfort Zone, a luxurious line of skincare products that uses predominantly organic ingredients for a balanced wellness experience.

The Petite Spa

The Hotel Jefferson is known as one of D.C.’s finest and most opulent hotels. Thankfuly for those who’ve picked the capital city as a destination for their weekend retreat, the Jefferson also houses a lavish Petite Spa.

The Petite Spa works on an exclusive appointment-only basis, so make sure to book ahead.

Petite Spa offers what many claim to be one of the best facials in D.C, as well as exceptional mani pedis.

Eaton D.C

Finishing up our list, Eaton Spa offers a comprehensive, hollistic approach to wellness, and believe in nurturing it not only with therapies, but also with good practices and habits, for a true long lasting sense of wellness.

On top of the typical massages and body therapies that wellness centers offer, Eaton Spa sets itself apart from the other with the exceptional yoga classes that its become famous for.

Spas in Upstate New York

More Spas close to Washington D.C.

IF you’re looking for another cosmopolitan retreat after you’re done with your visit to the capital city of US there are a wealth of incredible metropoles in the area.

If you’re interested in visiting any of them, look through our lists below and find the best places to stay and eat at during your stay.


  • Which spas have a heated pool?

    All spas with a pool on our list keep them warm. However, we feel that the Rosewood's rooftop swimming pool is specially of note. It offers sweeping views of the cityscape and is the perfect place for a romantic sunset viewing.

  • Which is the best spa for a couple's experience?

    The Unwind Wellness Center! This intimate day spa offers an incredible selection of couples massages and experiences, all performed in a candle lit room that creates a very private and romantic atmopshere.

  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Most of the spas on our list offer hotel accommodations, but if we had to pick one to mention we'd have to go with the Jefferson, because we feel like its the most iconic Washington D.C hotel on our list, so it becomes the perfect place to stay if you want to immerse yourself in the culture and stay at a unique hotel during your stay.