List of best spas in Virginia

Virginia is as diverse in its appeal as the United States to whose history the state is so pivotal. Filled with engaging cultural sites, breathtaking landscapes, natural parks, and most importantly to this list, some of the nation’s finest spas, you’ll find yourself coming back time after time and always having a uniquely pleasant experience.

Look through our list below to discover what are,  in our opinion, Virginia’s best spas.

Lorien Spa

Starting off our list with Lorien Spa, located in Alexandria’s luxurious Kimpton Lorien Hotel.

Living up to its lavish and impressive reputation, the Kimpton Lorien Hotel offers guests the comfort of inroom spa treatments.

Enjoy the very best massages and indulging beauty treatments without having to step foot off your lavish suite.

Spa at the Salamander

Find your inner peace surrounded by lush greenery at the jaw dropping Spa at the Salamander, a lavish wellness center that offers highly personalized, result-driven therapies and treatments.

With a hollistic approach to wellness and some of the best trained staff in Virginia, the Spa at the Salamander is incredibly well equipped to deliver unmatched results.


Salt Foot Sanctuary

Indulge in a modern spa experience while staying inside a piece of history, the historic Hotel Roanoke.

This Tudor-style hotel boasts an incredibly well furnished and decorated spa that contrasts with the hotel’s historic decór. 

The Salt Foot Sanctuary’s signature facials and body scrubs are perfect for some much deserved pampering during your Virginia retreat.


Flowering Almond Spa

Taking inspiration from North Virginia’s immense natural beauty, the Flowering Almond Spa uses natural ingredients in all of its signature treatments.

Reward your hard work and let the attentive staff use some of their expertise to pamper your hands and feet to restore them to their best condition.

Spa at the Ritz-Carlton

A highly indulgent spa menu and an elegant, sophisticated setting that combines the modern luxury of the hotel with the nature that surrounds it is what you’ll find at the Spa at the Ritz-Carlton.

A resurfacing Hydrofacial coupled with the spa’s signature cherry blossom body polish are the ideal way to return some of the youthful glow that the stress of daily life has stolen back to your face.

Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth is a place of relaxation and soothing tranquility, using tried and trued alternative therapies to deliver resulsts where conventional treatments fail.

Harnessing the healing power of salt, the Salt Room at this wellness center is where many of its bespoke treatments start. Following it up with a detox session at the infrared sauna and rounding out the day with a rejuvenating massage is Salt of the Earth’s blueprint for wellness.

The Spa at the Omni Homestead

Located in the serene town of Hot Springs, the Spa at the Omni Homestead uses state-of-the-art faciblities and its beautiful surroundings in unison to create a tranquil setting that elevates the spa experience to new heights.

The gorgeous Serenity Garden is an adult oasis that surrounds the famous hot springs. The Garden boasts a variety of hot spring fed swimming pools that’ll suck the stress right out of your body and have you feeling brand new in no time.

Spa at Primland Resort

Offering guests respite from the pressures of everyday life, the Spa at Primland Resort is a wellness sanctuary where guests can forget about their worries and focus their energies inward.

At this spa, ancient Native American healing traditions and knowledge are gently interwoven with modern European techniques to create an experience unlike any other.

Spa Minerale

Inspired by the their deep desire to help nurture guests back to their best self, Spa Minerale weaves local ingredients with innovative beauty services and relaxing spa treatments to craft a highly personalized spa experience for you and your loved one.

Not only are the treatments some of the finest you’ll find anywhere, Spa Minerale also offers a rich selection of couples experiences.

Neroli Med Spa & Beauty Lounge

Combining the most-sought after Med Spa services with world-class day spa treatments into one menu, Neroli Med Spa is a great all rounder wellness center that offers anything you could ever ask for.

Relaxing massages and indulgent facials meet modern anti-aging treatments and cutting-edge body contouring therapies at Neroli.

SeaHill Spa

Drawing inspiration from Virginia Beach’s deep connection with the sea, SeaHill Spa’s extensive spa menu and attentive spa are at your beck and call to pamper and indulge your every need.

Each of the SeaHill’s 9 treatment rooms are bathed in a sea of neutral tones and subdued lighting that lull you into the right frame of mind for an indulgent spa day.

Spa of Colonial Williamsburg

Classic elegance are the words that describe the Spa of Colonial Williamsburg best. After you put on your fluffly white robe and slippers,  let the experts at this gorgeous wellness center tend to you and your wellness needs.

Take the sweat off your body after each pleasurably exhausting treatment with a trip to the spa’s signature showers. 

Origins Thai Spa

Join the millions of people around the globe that worship at the altar of Thai Massages and accept their life changing benefits with a trip to Origins Thai Spa.

Offering not only the quintessencial Thai massage experience, Origins Thai Spa offers a slew of authentic Thai services and therapies for you to discover.

Spa World

Take a well deserved break from routine to visit the truly unique Spa World. Offering a variety of different treatments, ranging from state-of-the-art water therapy pools to an Amethyst Gem Room, Spa World is anything but conventional.

Despite its off the beaten path treatments, Spa World’s therapies are highly effective in reducing stress and soothing the mind of guests.

Spa at Tides Inn

Overlooking the water in serene  Irvington the Spa at Tides Inn offers a wealth of therapeutic services and treatments in a very tranquil and intimate environment.

Let the scenic views of the water soothe your mind as the therapist massages your worriesaway and returns you to your best state.

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More Spas close to Virginia

Virginia is a wonderfully rich state in every sense, and so are its neighbors. We’ve also made lists on Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Find out our favourite places to stay and the most romantic things to do while you’re there.


  • Which is the best experience pack for a spa in Virginia?

    The Spa at Ritz-Carlton! They have the most incredible  body polish packages we've ever seen.

  • Which is the best spa for a couple's experience?

    Spa Minerale! They dedicate a whole section of their menu to romantic couples experiences, and they also take care to help create the ideal environment.

  • Which spa is good for a woman to visit by herself?

    Neroli Med Spa & Beauty Lounge, for the simple fact that the vast majority of their menu is geared towards women and their needs.