List of best spas in Sedona

An oasis in the desert, Sedona has been one of America’s favorite locations for the ultimate desert getaway since time immemorial.

Breathtaking scenery and one-of-a-kind attractions keep people coming back to this desert gem time and time again. And after a day taking in the red-stained landscapes of Sedona, what better way to relax than with a first-class massage?

Enchantment Resort

Facing the red rock scenery that Sedona is so famous for, the Enchantment Resort offers guests state-of-the-art spa suites where treatments are administered with the utmost privacy and comfort.

Enjoy wellness with a view as you let the hands of the skilled staff of this luxury resort dissolve the knots of stress in your body.


L'Apothecary Spa

An oasis within an oasis, the  L’Apothecary Spa is set amidst a verdant forrest where the sounds of rolling waters lul guests into inner peace as skilled professionals work to undo the harm done by the stress of daily life.

Tradicional services and  premium signature treatments come together to deliver an unparalleled level of wellness once you leave through the front door.

Amara Resort Spa

The Amara Resort Spa dedicates itself to heal your body and restore your peace of mind so you can enjoy to the fullest the plethora of outdoor activities Sedona is so well know for.

Take in the breahtaking views from the resort’s scenic infinity swimming pool as you wait for your turn to be extensively pampered by the spa’s signature treatments.


Eforea Spa

Located in Sedona’s Hilton Resort at Bell Rock, Efora Spa offers world-class treatments at its luxurious 25.000-sq.ft wellness center.

Eforea Spa offers a variety of beauty services and wellness treatments to help with whatever is keeping you from feeling like your best self.

7 private treatments rooms, thermalelements and fully-equipped fitness center make the Eforea a great choice if you’re looking for an incredible spa experience during your visit.

Poco Diablo Spa

The Poco Diablo Spa scales down their operation, offering a smaller amount of services and treating less guests at a time. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t want to. This boutique spa prides itself of tailoring each treatment and service to the exact needs of the guest for the very best results.

Poco Diablo Spa only uses the very best organic products for their treatments, to ensure the very best healing experience possible.

Wilde Resort & Spa

The Wilde Resort & Spa uses as inspiration for their treatments and facility the majestic beauty of the desert. Resulting in a uniquely beautiful thematic wellness experience.

Located on the footsteps of Thunder Mountain, the Wilde Spa has deep connections with the area’s healing traditions.

Indulge in unique massages and treatments at the Wilde Spa, using a variety of local ingredients and techniques to take their signature therapies to the next level.

Adobe Grand Villas Spa

If you’re worried what the countless scenic hikes you’ll have during your visit to Sedona will unearth some old pain in your feet or back, then the Adobe Grand Villas Spa is the perfect place for you.

This beautiful spa has a variety of treatments and therapies geared specifically towards combating those stubborn pains that always seem to crop up whenever you walk a bit more.


Namti Spa

Namti Spa is one of Sedona’s premier day spa destinations, whether you’re looking for a mani pedi or a full blown glow up during your trip to the desert, Namti Spa has got you covered.

On top of first-class beauty services, this locally owned wellness center offers a variety of Ayurvedic therapies and relaxing treatments.


Sedona Royal Thai

The time tested efficacy of Thai Massages and therapies have made it one of the most sought after forms of therapy to help with a wide variety of ailments.

The Sedona Royal Thai is the ideal place if you’re in need of the restorative properties of a properly executed Thai Massage.


Los Abrigados Resort and Spa

Set in the beautiful Los Abrigados Resort, this full-service spa is the perfect place to visit after a day of outdoor activities in fair Sedona.

The Los Abrigados Resort Spa offers guests a wealth of relaxing massages and beauty services to keep them looking and feeling their best long after they go back to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Uptown Massage

Uptown Massage in Sedona offers tailor-made, highly customizable massages and beauty services, in an incredibly rustic and private setting.

Since only two guests can be treated at any given time, Uptown Massage is the ideal place to enjoy a couples massage experience with your significant other during your visit to Sedona.


New Day Spa

The New Day Spa draws heavily from the area’s rich healing traditions, combining typical Native American therapies with modern treatments to offer guests unique massage experiences.

Enjoy the New Day Spa’s signature treatment line, the Desert Nature Body Treatments, that make use of a variety of handcrafted butters, lotions and oils.

Gateway Cottage Wellness Center

The Gateway Cottage Wellness Center places a special emphasis on the spiritual aspects of wellness, and believe its mental and physical wellness is hard to reach without spiritual well being.

This wellness center offers a variety of simple, yet effective treatments and experience that aim to restore the balance to the mind-body-spirit connection.

Blue Sage Day Spa

Blue Sage Day Spa offers a variety of treatments that aim to make you look younger, feel better, and live naturally.

Treatments at the Blue Sage Day Spa use an all natural line of everyday skincare and cosmeceutical products to deliver the very best results.

Alvadora Spa

The last spa on our list, the Alvadora Spa is the perfect location for those seeking the healing properties of the desert to help with their everyday struggles.

The seasoned experts of Alvadora Spa will advise you and prescribe you your very own spa ritual schedule so you can reach your goals and walk out the doors feeling like the best version of yourself.

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More Spas close to Sedona

After your undoubtedly breathtaking visit to Sedona, you can continue your romantic retreat at any of the incredible destinations that we’ve listed below.

Look through our lists below and find our top picks for the area’s very best spas and hotels.


  • Which is the best spa for a couple's experience?

    Uptown Massage! Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that the whole staff's attention is on you and your partner. The beautiful views from the windows don't hurt either.

  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Yes, Alvadora Spa Resort, Amara Resort Spa and L'Apothecary Spa all have incredible hotel accommodations located on-site.

  • Which spas have a heated pool?

    All the pools on our list are heated. If we had to choose just one though, we'd go with the Amara Resorta Spa. Not only is it heated, but it overlooks a lush forrest, and you can see majestic red rocks peaking over the canopies of the trees. How romantic!