List of best spas in San Francisco

The vibrant city of San Francisco is a Mecca of innovation and luxury, making it a prime destination for a romantic weekend retreat, no matter the time of the year. 

This bayside city guarantees incredible views, world-class food, and most importantly for us here, some of the finest spas in the United States.


Rémede Spa

Starting off our list, Rémede Spa is a St. Regis Hotel exclusive, only working with guests of this exquisite hotel. It pulls out all the stops to ensure a luxurious spa experience that you won’t ever forget.

Sip on fine bubbly champagne as the professionals of Rémede Spa use their magic on you to rid you of the inconvenient pressures that daily life lays on your back.

Pearl Spa and Sauna

If you’re a fan of oriental techniques and therapies, San Francisco’s Pearl Spa and Sauna is a must visit wellness center during your stay.

Making ample use of Korean Beauty treaments and techniques to replenish the youthful glow that the stresses of daily life claim so easily.

After your indulging Korean body scrub, relax and reconnect with a calming meditation session in Pearl’s beautiful sauna.

Spa Vitale

Offering decadent outdoor hot baths, Spa Vitale’s scenic wellness center is perfect for those just looking to get away from the urban noise and recharge their batteries.

Aside from the replenishing hot baths, the staff at Spa Vitale are excelently trained in a variety of relaxing massages and rejuvenating body treatments that’ll put you in the perfect mood to enjoy the rest of your romantic retreat.

Kabuki Springs

Located in San Francisco’s Japan Center, Kabuki Springs gives you the opportunity to experience authentic Japanese communal baths without the pesky, and costly, plane ride to the land of the rising sun.

But the baths aren’t the only attraction at Kabuki Springs, guests can enjoy a variety of other oriental therapies that’ll melt all the stress off your body.

L'Occitane by the Bay

Located in one of San Francisco’s most beautiful neighborhoods, Nob Hill, Spa L’OCCITANE offers guests the finest views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge as well as a first-class spa experience.

This Bay Side sanctuary is home to some of the nation’s best therapists, so never fear, you’re in great hands during your visit to the L’OCCITANE.

Nob Hill Spa

The Nob Hill Spa, just like the L’Occitane, offers incredible views of the San Francisco Bay with its gorgeous floor to ceiling windows.

Featuring a dedicated Zen Room to help you relax by cutting off all of the heavy urban noise, Nob Hill Spa is the perfect destination to just forget about the stress of normal life.

Pure Organic Spa

Offering a bespoke boutique day spa experience, Pure Organic Spa offers a conveniently located, relaxing space for you to escape the urban grind.

Offering a great combination of beauty services and treatments, from makeup for special events to an indulging facial, this wellness center has you covered, no matter what you’re looking for.

Spa at the Four Seasons

The Spa at the Four Seasons has been setting the bar for years throughout the country, and the San Francisco one didn’t let us down.

Boasting beautiful views, an attentive staff, spotless facilities with just the right amount of lavish detailing, and a great set of pampering treatments, its hard to NOT recommend the Spa at the Four Seasons if you’re looking for an incredible spa experience in San Francisco.

Archimedes Banya

A unique combination of treatments and therapies from around the world is the main draw of the Archimedes Banya.

Offering a typical Russian hot massage using a venik, thats performed in an authentic Russian steam banya, Hammam Body Washes and Scrubs, as well as envyable Yoga and Aromatherapy sessions, its obvious the Archimedes has searched all over the world to deliver incredible results.

Fairmont Spa

Located in the luxurious Fairmont Hotel, the multi award-winning Fairmont Spa has long been a San Francisco wellness institution.

Using a variety of proprietary treatments and top of the line products, Fairmont Spa delivers unmatched results when it comes to dealing with tension and joint pain.

International Orange Spa

Simple, elegant and sophisticated are probably the best words to describe the International Orange Spa, a bespoke wellness center that offers a small menu of carefully curated and highly customized treatments to deliver the very best results.

This wellness center prides itself of its attentive and personalized approach to each guests and their particular concerns, so you can rest assured that you won’t get a one size fits all massage at this beautiful San Francisco Spa.

B at Bardessono

Have a spa day like no other at the B at Bardessono. This gorgeous spa honors the four seasons, formulating each treatment package with a cyclical component in mind for an harmonious and soothing spa experience.

Since you’re in California wine country, the spa offers each guest a glass or two of local wine that works to soothe the mind as the professionals at the B mend your body.

Spa Radiance

Using prestigious Biologique Recherche products and boasting award-winning facial treatments, Spa Radiance is an urban sanctuary for those of us looking to regain the confidence that stress and time have stolen from us.

Spa Radiance’s famed Super Duper Facial and other costumized treatments have given this wellness center a reputation for incredible results in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood.

Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa

Casa Madrona is an intimate oasis just outside of the hustle and bustle that a cosmopolitan city such as San Francisco is plagued by, and its spa offers the same intimate, highly personalized, result driven treatments to pamper and indulge their guests during their stay.

Their nurturing, hollistic approach to wellness has granted Casa Madrona Spa a distinct reputation among locals and tourists alike, so make sure to at least drop by for a quick visit.

Burke Williams Spa

Finishing up our list with the Burke Williams Spa. This boutique wellness center offers a carefully curated treatment menu that aims to provide guests with the very best results in an upscale setting.

Now that you can finally afford to take your time, get your nails done and let the staff at the Burke Williams Spa help you feel like your very best self.

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