List of best spas in San Antonio

Headed to Texas for a reprieve from daily life but can’t really pick a city? San Antonio is one of the largest and most modern cities in the United States, and also one of the most culturally diverse.

Home to a thriving food scene, this cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures is rich in luxury hotels, as well as some of the finest spas and wellness centers you’ll ever visit.

Mokara Spa

Starting off our list with one of San Antonio’s most lauded spas, the highly acclaimed Mokara Spa.

Located in downtown San Antonio in the Omni Hotel, Mokara Spa is home to a host of seasoned professionals whose sole job is to provide guests with a memorable relaxing experience.

Spa at Hotel Contessa

Enjoy sweeping views of the San Antonio skyline while you wait for your massage session at the Hotel Contessa’s beautiful rooftop swimming pool.

This River Walk Spa offers all of the essencials for a transformative, head-to-toe pampering spa day that’ll have you feeling like your best self by the time you walk out the door.


Thompson Spa

Just like our previous entry, the Thompson Spa pairs gorgeous views of the city from their rooftop swimming pool with bespoke beauty treatments and replenishing therapies.

The Thompson Spa stands out from the crowd thanks to its impressive massage menu. Each of which is personalized to each guests’s needs for the best results.

Eilan Spa

Perfect for those looking for a grand romantic escape away from the stress of daily life, Eilan Hotel & Spa is a majestic destination, filled with every comfort to replenish your spirits and mend your body.

The spa at this Tuscan-inspired resort offers a signature body scrub, mask and butter treatment, administered in their Eucalyptus Rasul steam rooms.

Eforea Spa

Eforea Spa is one of those  locations that offer few, highly unique and specialized treatments that’ll absolutely blow your mind.

Famous for its Himalayan Salt Cave that harnesses the natural healing powers of salt, Eforea Spa also a offers a variety massages, facials and skin treatments.

Hiatus Spa + Retreat

The gorgeous Hiatus Spa + Retreat boasts 13, brightly lit and elegantly decorated, specialized treatment rooms. From a dedicated nail therapy room with zero gravity chairs to a hydrotherapy room for Vichy showers, this lavish day spa doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to your wellbeing.

Loma de Vida

Loma de Vida is a secluded sanctuary immersed in nature and its healing properties, away from the stress and breakneck pace of a major city.

Let the singing birds and the gentle breeze guide you to a state of mental wellbeing as the professionals at Loma de Vida dissolve the knots of stress that pain your body.

Lantana Spa

Another spa that makes the most of the healing potential of nature and quiet living is the Lantana Spa, nestled amidst 600-acres of oak-covered, greentopped hills.

Inspired by ancient Texas healing traditions, the signature rituals at the Lantana Spa provide their guests with a calming and replenishing experience.

The Woodhouse Day Spa

The San Antonio branch of the famed Woodhouse Day Spa more than lives up to its name. This exquisite day spa offers a variety of hollistic therapies and modern treatments to make sure that guests can make the most of their weekend retreat.

For a real treat, indulge in the Woodhouse’s signature meditative soak, a full body therapy that combines mood-enhancing aromatherapy with essential oil massages.

Folawns Medical Spa

Folawns Medical Spa is a family owned, award-winning spa thats been in business for nearly 3 decades, and its plain to see why. This stunning spa and salon provides top of the line hair and makeup services, as well as an incredible variety of relaxing massages and services.

So if you’re looking to look your best and reclaim your confidence during your romantic getaway, or are just looking to get those pesky knots off your back, Folawns Medical Spa is the place to go.

Windflower Spa

Nestled in 300-acres of vibrant wildflowers and verdant meadows, the Windflower Spa is the perfect place for a romantic retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Start your day off on the right foot with a calming Yoga class in the garden, followed by a pampering massage as you listen to the sounds of nature around you.

A.R.T. Spa

A.R.T is the place to go if you’re looking for a fun, indulging spa experience during your visit to San Antonio.

Using a variety of handmade organic skincare products and a variety of carefully crafted, highly personalized treatments, a visit to A.R.T is akin to a beauty renaisssance.

Stadia Medical Spa

Specializing in anti-aging and other beauty treatments, Stadia Medical Spa is for you’re looking to regain some of the features that the stresses of daily life have eaten away at.

The expert aestheticians at Stadia Medical Spa use a combination of traditional therapies and cutting-edge technology to deliver long lasting results.

Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin is a local day spa that focuses on delivering intimate highly personalized treatments and therapies in a laid back setting for a no frills spa experience.

The focus of the menu at Healthy Skin are the massages. Expertly administered and highly personalized, the staff does a wonderful job of soothing and relaxing your muscles to put you in the right condition to enjoy your much deserved time off.

Spavia Day Spa

Last on our list, Spavia Alamo Ranch provides an unforgettable spa experience with attention to every little detail.

Skin care and beauty treatments are the highlight at Spavia, but that isn’t to say they flounder at the rest. Spavia offers incredible couples experiences as well as top of the line men’s treatments.

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More Spas close to San Antonio

Done with San Antonio so soon? Not to worry, theres plenty of other incredible destinations in the vicinity that have that same bit of Texas magic that made you fall in love with San Antonio.

Look through our list below and find the best hotels and spas to visit in the surrounding area.


  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    The Eilan Spa, the Thompson and the Mokara to name a few, but plenty of other spas on our list offer hotel accommodations.

  • Which spa in San Antonio offers the most and best treatments?

    Always a tough question, but if we had to do choose, Loma de Vida and Hiatus are both exceptional spas that'll turn your frown upside down by the time you walk out the door.

  • Which spa is the best in San Antonio?

    If we had to choose just one, Loma de Vida. Everything comes together perfectly for a superb wellness experience, the surrounding nature and the setting are incredibly conducive to a relaxing and replenishing spa day.