List of best spas in Raleigh

Are you looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy some green space but don’t want to give up the comforts of big cities? Then Raleigh should be right up your alley.

Raleigh is one of the nation’s greenest cities by a long shot, giving it a very distinct environment that’ll have you questioning whether you’re in a major city after all, which makes for the perfect setting for you to relax and detox from the stress of daily life.


The Umstead Spa

A haven of serene relaxation surrounded by untarnished nature, The Umstead Spa has been one of Raleigh’s best spas for years.

Sit back and indulge in relaxing therapies and transformative beauty treatments performed by an attentive and expertly trained staff, all of this in a luxuriously minimalistic setting.

21C Museum Spa

Balance your mind and soothe your aching body with a visit to the 21C Museum Spa.

The skilled therapists at the 21C Museum Spa have put together a rich menu of massages and relaxing treatments that aim to treat whatever may be bothering you when you visit.


Lorena Luca Skin & Spa

Focusing their efforts on the beauty aspect of wellness, Lorena Luca Skin & Spa is the premier destination in Raleigh for those looking for a glow up during their weekend retreat.

Indulgent facials make up the bulk of Lorena Luca’s spa menu. Treat yourself with a Biologique Recherche Facial or the Lorena Signature Facial during your escape from daily life.


Skin Sense

Slow down and detox your body from the toxins of daily life with a trip to Raleigh’s premier Salt Cave spa destination.

Bask in the serene glow of the Salt Cave and let your mind wander as your body relaxes and heals. Skin Sense also offers massages and meditation sessions in the Salt Cave.

Spa Retreat Cary

Spa Retreat Cary knows how to kick off a great spa day. You’re welcomed with a fragrant cup of herbal tea and the warm scents of premium aromatherapy candles, guiding you into the perfect mindset to relax and unwind.

Deep tissue massages and Thai reflexology treatments are used by the expert staff to soothe your body so you can make the most of your weekend retreat.

Blue Water Spa

Voted multiple times as the best Med Spa in all of North Carolina, Blue Water Spa uses aesthetic medicaltechnology to deliver unmatched results and help you look like your best self.

Fillers,BOTOXinjections and other rejuvenating services are all done at Blue Water Spa.

Sukho Thai Massage

Dedicating themselves exclusively to the calming and rejuvenating benefits of Thai Massages, Sukho Thai Massage is Raleigh’s premier destination for bespoke Thai services.

Thai stretching is perfect if you’re struggling with joint or muscle pain, and deep tissue Thai Massages are used to loosen up the whole body for a profound feeling of relaxation and wellness.

Glo de Vie

Located in Raleigh’s prestigious North Hills area, Glo de Vie is prestigious day spa that’s been helping locals and tourists alike for years with their spa services.

Skilled aesthetic experts and massage therapists are on staff to help you deliver the very best results regardless of your needs.

BR3 Float & Cryo Studio

BR3 Float & Cryo Studio is the premier hollistic studio-spa if you’re looking for alternative-healing therapies during your visit to Raleigh.

Cutting-edge float therapy and cryotherapy are only some of the modern result-driven treatments that BR3 uniquely offers.

Tao Day Spa

Tao is the type of spa that everyone envisions when the term day spa comes up. Plush, comfortable seats, sophisticated decór and a nail service menu that makes you mentally salivate. .

Incredible nail services are one of the main drawing points of the Tao. However, they also offer rejuvenating skincare services and relaxing massages, so rest assured, you’re leaving Tao feeling brand new.

Synergy Face + Body

We all know that when life speeds up and we’re working too much, the thing that suffers the most is our physical appearance. Synergy Face + Body dedicates its existence to giving weary travelers that walk through their doors their confidence back.

Synergy has crafted a unique menu of therapies that combine typical wellness treatments and cutting-edge techniques to give your skin its youthful glow back.

White Dahlia

White Dahlia has been voted Raleigh’s best massage spa, and you’ll find that that accolade is well-deserved.

White Dahlia offers over 15 different massages, each of them is highly personalized to your personal needs to make sure that you walk out the door feeling revitalized.

Paintball Nail Bar

Nothing screams free time and indulgent relaxation like getting an incredible manicure, and thats exactly what Paintball Nail Bar offers, luxurious nail services performed in their elegant salon.

The experts at Paintball Nail Bar can do things to your nails that you never even thought possible, high gloss finished to custom designs, they’ve got it all.


Polished Nail Bar

Dedicated to those who try to find that little bit of me time during the hectic pace of daily life, Polished Nail Bar gives their guests a quick escape from work. 

Polished Nail Bar does miracles with eyelashes and nails, they even offer microblading if you’re looking to grow some eyebrows over night.


Village Spa Nails

Another incredible place to visit if you’re just looking to up your nail game, Village Spa Nails is famous in Raleigh for their manicure expertise.

If you can think of a design to put on your nails, then the manicure artists at Village Spa can do it.

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More Spas close to Raleigh

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  • Are spas in Raleigh safe?

    Yes! Spas in Raleigh are incredibly safe, the local legislation puts huge emphasis on cleaning protocols and staff hygiene, so you'll be safe no matter the spa you choose.

  • Which spa is good for a woman to visit by herself?

    Synergy Face + Body is the ideal place to visit if you're looking for a solo day spa experience while in Raleigh.

  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    The Umstead Spa and 21C Museum both offer incredible hotel accommodations.