List of best spas in Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love is one of the best cities in the nation if you’re looking for a world-class spa to visit during your weekend escape, so you can slow down and recharge your batteries with the help of some of the world’s best wellness experts.

Look below to see our picks for the very best spas and wellness centers to visit during your stay in this incredible city.

Rittenhouse Spa

Located in the iconic Rittenhouse Square, this beautiful spa has been named as one of the finest in the entire US.

The Rittenhouse Spa is an urban oasis of pure tranquility that’s perfectly equipped to take you in and help you recharge your batteries during your Philadelphia retreat.


Richel D'Ambra Spa

Located in the Ritz-Carlton, the Richel D’Ambra aims to blend healing of the body with restoring inner well being for a unified sense of wellness.

The Richel D’Ambra Spa is deeply rooted in Balinese traditions, and that influence can be felt in the unique feel of their therapies.

Kimpton Hotel Palomar Spa

Another lavish wellness center just off of Rittenhouse Square, the Kimpton Palomar offers a wide variety of luxurious treatments and services right in the comfort of your suite.

You don’t even have to get out of your room to be pampered during your stay at the Kimpton Palomar, the staff will come to you to indulge you with a soothing massage.

Warwick Spa

The iconic Rittenhouse Hotel’s other superb wellness center, the Warwick Spa offers a highly personalized treatment menu of both beauty and wellness treatments.

You’ll completely forget you’re even in the heart of a city center as the expert staff of the Warwick work their soothing magic on you.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Spa

Specializing in uniquely relaxing massages that blend old school, oriental therapies with modern techniques to deliver first-class results.

Just like the Kimpton Palomar, the Kimpton Monaco offers the entirety of their spa menu in the comfort of your room. They even offer a variety of couples experiences.

The Underground Spa

The highly renowned Underground Spa is the place to go during your stay in Philadelphia if you’re looking to reclaim the youthfull look that the stresses of daily life chipped away at.

Let the staff pamper you with any of their cutting edge treatments, such as the youth-enhancing hydrafacial or a replenishing body scrub.

Spa at Four Seasons

Offering a variety of unique packages, such as the famous Night Spa experience, the Spa at Four Seasons has everything you could possibly need to put the pressure of daily life behind you during your romantic retreat.

Couples experiences are a speciality at the Four Seasons such as the Crystal Oil Massage, performed in a candle lit room with huge floor to ceiling windows.


Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa

Located in Lowes Hotel, the renowned Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa offers the classic spa experience with the odd twist that keeps things interestings.

First-class beauty services and soothing massages are the bread and butter at this lavish wellness center, but more exotic therapies like the Turkish Bath experience add a much welcome amount of spice to your spa day.

Hyatt at the Bellevue

The Hyatt is located in the illustrious Bellevue Hotel, a Philadelphia institution thats served as a serene oasis for weary travelers for decades now.

The opulent decór and furnishings of the Bellevue contrast with the comfortable ad inviting tone of the Hyatt, where their seasoned staff offers a variety of targeted therapies to soothe your pains.

Rescue Spa

The elegant and sophisticated Rescue Spa has helped locals with their skin concerns for years now.

Using bespoke Valmont skincare products and cutting edge technology to deliver the best results, whether you’re dealing with an acne breakout or have some wrinkles you want to iron out, your issues won’t stand a chance against the staff at Rescue Spa.

Body + Beauty Lab

Philadelphia’s premier destination for a make over, brand new skin care routine  or anything beauty related, Body + Beauty Lab is a beauty treatment Mecca. 

Go in and let the experts at Body + Beauty craft a skincare routine that is perfectly suited to your needs.


Adolph Biecker Spa

Another highly specialized wellness center, the Adolph Biecker Spa focuses on using cutting edge techniques and modern treatments to give guests back control over their body and help them look their best. 

Custom made skincare and haircare routines are just a few of the phenomenal services that the Adolph Biecker Spa offers.

Essent Spa

Offering award-winning medical spa experiences, Essent Spa’s elite facilities are fully equipped and staff to help you with whatever ails you.

Let yourself go and allow the experts at Essent Spa pamper you back to full health, so that by the time you walk out the door, you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Body Restauration Spa

The name says it all! Body Restauration Spa offers relaxing massages to help soothe your aching body and put your mind at ease during your Philadelphia retreat.

Fabriq Spa

Offering acupuncture and massage combos to deliver the most soothing and relaxing results during your visit to Fabriq Spa.

Every treatment is performed in an cozy, candle lit room that helps create a tranquil setting for guests to unwind.

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More Spas close to Philadelphia

What are you looking for in your next romantic retreat? Whether its a bustling city or a naturally beautiful, tranquil mountainside retreat, our lists below has a bit of something for everybody.


  • Which spa is the best in Philadelphia?

    Its neck and neck between the Spa at the Ritz-Carlton and the Spa at Four Seasons, they both offer an incredible menu of therapies and treatments coupled with a jaw-dropping view of the city.

  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Yes, plenty of them, the vast majority of the spas on our list have hotel accommodations.

  • Which spa in Philadelphia offers the most and best treatments?

    It really depends on your goals, if you're looking for beauty treatments, then the Body + Beauty Lab is the best choice. If you're looking for general wellness therapies then the Warwick should be on the top of your list.