List of best spas in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is one of those iconic places that immediately cross your mind when you think of a visit to sunny California.

Long roads flanked by mansions and soaring palm trees help transport you away from the work mindset you had back at home and drive in the fact that this now is the time for some much-needed rest.

To make sure you don’t have to stress even a bit about picking the right spa for you, we compiled a list of the most stunning spas and wellness centers for you to visit.

Las Palmas Spa

To start off our list with the typical Palm Spring atmosphere, Las Palmas Spa will have you feeling as good as new in no time.

A beautiful lounge area surrounds the vast swimming pool, overlooking the towering palm trees that are so typical of Palm Springs.


St. Somewhere Spa

Beautiful amenities and facilities? Check. A name that conjures sitting back in your comfy lounge chair as you sip on a cocktail? Check. What more can you want in a spa than what Margarittaville’s St Somewhere Spa has to offer?

St. Somewhere is an relaxing oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Let the seasoned experts at the St. Somewhere expell every ounce of stress from your body with their signature treatments.

Estrella at the Avalon

The idyllic garden hacienda of the Avalon hides a sanctuary to wellness. The Estrella is one of those places wholly dedicated to help you forget the woes of daily life during your visit. 

Bask in the Avalon’s laid back hacienda atmosphere as the professionals at Estrella pamper you back to your very best self.

La Quinta Spa

Recharge and allow yourself to unwind at Spa La Quinta.

Using a unique blend of modern technology and ancient healing rituals, La Quinta is a destination that no one can be indifferent to.

Indulge in any of La Quinta’s signature, locally ingredient based, healing and beautification rituals, that’ll have you leaving through the front door with a whole new level of confidence.

The Well Spa

Scenic views and healing glow of the desert sun are only the begining of your wellness journey at The Well Spa.

Set among the ancient citrus groves and verdant ocean of palm trees of Miramonte Resort, The Well Spa has a reference in the area for years.

Let your worries go with a fully personalized massage package with the specialists at this gorgeous wellness center, and get back to regular life with a whole new spring in your step.

Korakia Pensione Spa

Just a stone’s throw away from the commanding San Jacinto Mountains, the Korakia Pensione Spa is every romantic’s wellness dream location.

With a passionately intimate atmosphere, Korakia Pensione perfectly blends together the calm of the wilderness and the comfort of modern society, making it the perfect destination for an easy going and replenishing romantic retreat.


Two Bunch Palms Spa

A true oasis, this sanctuary of relaxation in the barren desert is located away from all that might trouble you, and is fully loaded to help you relax and unwind. 

After your reinvigorating power nap on the hammocks, you’re ready to experience the unique draw point of Two Bunch Palms Spa, its signature Healing Springs. The water is said to have healing properties, just what the doctor ordered to reenergize your weary body.

Desert Springs Resort and Spa

Whether you’re visiting this luxury resort for its sprawling designer golf courses or its lavishly equipped spa, you won’t be let down in the slightest by the Desert Springs Resort.

The Desert Springs Resort embraces its desert setting and puts its beauty on full display. From the decór to the treatments themselves, the desert’s ingredients and colors can be found everywhere at the Desert Springs Resort.


Rancho Mirage Spa

Just like the previous entry, the Rancho Mirage Spa draws an incredible amount of inspiration from the deserts and its unexpected bounties.

Breathtaking views and luxurious facilities are just the start at the Rancho Mirage. Indulge in their signature, desert inspired treatments. Using desert herbs and mineral salts, The Spirit of the Mountains treatment includes an exfoliation, warm stone massage, and a detoxyfying wrap.

Palm Springs Yacht Club Spa

A sanctuary wholly dedicated to pampering and self-indulgence, the Palm Springs Yacht Club Spa goes the extra mile to make sure that by the time you leave you’re feeling brand new.

The classic spa experience is the drawing point of this luxury spa, a white cotton robe, cozy flip flops and a delicious cocktail form the beginner package of all weary travelers who walk through the doors.

Spa Esmeralda

Located in the world-famous Coachella Valley, Spa Esmeralda is a must visit if you’re looking to reclaim your wellbeing before setting off on the adventure of exploring the gorgeous surrounding areas.

After a lazy day working on your tan by the beautiful swimming pool, slowly make your way to the Esmeralda’s newly renovated treatment rooms, where seasoned experts await to help relieve you of your burdens.

Azure Spa

Specialty treatments and indulgent packages are what make Azure Spa one of most sought after day spas of the area.

With names like ‘Supreme Bliss’ and ‘Glow Flow’, its not hard to see why so many people flock here.

And if thats not enough to sell you on Azure Spa, they make ample use of the world-famous Desert Spring Water, renowned for its healing properties.


L'Horizon Spa

For those of us seeking a more sophisticated option for our wellness needs during our romantic getaway, L’Horizon Spa is the obvious choice. 

L’Horizon is surrounded by towering palm trees, and offers guests sweeping views of the valley. Enjoy a morning session of Yoga out in the garden, followed by a pampering facial that is sure to turn any frown upside down.


Palm Mountain Spa

If you’re looking for a classic Palm Springs resort filled with blooming flowers, tall palm trees and a great wellness center, then the Palm Mountain Resort is perfect!

The Palm Mountain Spa offers all of the typical spa treatments and therapies to ensure that your romantic getaway is as relaxing as it is exciting.

Whispers Spa

To round up our list, Whispers Spa promises tranquil serenity and a relaxing atmosphere to help you unwind during your visit.

Sip on some refreshing champagne as you wait for the staff to work their magic on you in one of the elegant treatment cabanas.

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More Spas close to Palm Springs

No way you’re just going to head to Palm Springs and head back home right? Here’s some ideas for your next romantic getaway and where to stay to make the most out of the precious time you have with your significant other.


  • Which spa is the best in Palm Springs?

    Either the Estrella at the Avalon or the Las Palmas Spa has to take the cake on this one! They're absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and the quality of service is second to none.

  • Which is the best experience pack for a spa in Palm Springs?

    The Azure Spa has the best packages. You can tell they put a lot of thought and effort into combining treatments together for a uniquely effective result.

  • Which is the best spa for a couple's experience?

    Korakia Pensione Spa! The romantic atmosphere sets the perfect stage for an intimate couples's massage.