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Visiting the Big Apple is a bucket list item for so many of us. The boutiques of 5th Avenue and the towering skyscrapers that pierce the heavens beckon millions upon millions of visitors every year.

While visiting this cosmopolitan metropole, you can relax and unwind from the woes of daily life by booking a trip to one of the phenomenal spas that New York City is home to.

We’ve compiled a list of what are, in our opinion, the finest Spa in New York City.

Best spas in New York City

Aire Ancients Baths NYC

Located in the heart of Manhatan, its easy to see why the Aire Ancient Baths isso widely considered to be one of NYC’s most eclectic spas.

Aire Ancients Baths offers each guests a wealth of options.

Pamper yourself as the romans would, courtesy of Aire’s roman inspired baths, and after your rejuvenating bath, knock out the rest of the stress and tension with a stunning massage.

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The intriguely named Rescue Spa is here to save you from the clutches of day to day stress while on your romantic getaway in NYC!

This Urban Wellness retreat is akin to an oasis on a  scalding day out in the desert. Located in NYC’s Flatiron district, the Rescue Spa prides itself on its lavish ambiance and transformative beauty treatments. Whether it be a mani pedi or a general glow up, this 5 star spa has you covered.

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Shibui Spa

Priding themselves of being a temple of relaxation, the Shibui Spa is located in downtown NYC, in the same building as the Greenwich Hotel.

What makes the Shibui stand out is its extensive treatment list, borrowing greatly from Japanese treatments and wellness philosophy.

Guests can enjoy a traditional Japanese Soaking Tub as well as unique treatments during their stay.

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The Spa by Equinox

The Spa by Equinox considers itself to be more than just a wellness establishment, but a recharging station for those who walk their walls during their visit to the Big Apple.

Luxurious spa treatments in opulent rooms are the norm at the Spa by Equinox.

In the menu, you’ll find a balanced blend of beauty treatments and functional massages to help you look your best while you feel your best.

Full list of spas in New York City

Sisley Paris Spa

The dainty Sisley Paris Spa is the quintessencial spa for you to visit during your stay in New York City.

Originally from Paris, France, the Sisley Paris Spa in New York opened back in 2014 and became an instant hit among locals and tourists alike, being highly sought-after for their beauty treatments.

Today, if  you want to enjoy world-class French skincare treatments, facials and hair styling you don’t have to go to Europe.

Spa de la Mer

The first spa in the US opened by the incomparable skincare routine La Mer, the Spa de la Mer in the Baccarat Hotel’s seventh floor is a must visit spot in the city if you’re looking to be pampered during your visit.

Enjoy skincare routines like no other at Spa de la Mer, courtesy of the brand’s inovative skincare products that are used in almost every treatment.

Before your skincare treatment, try out one of La Mer’s body scrubs.

Natura Spa

Priding themselves on their personalized approach to each guest, the Natura Spa is the ideal place to visit for those seeking a highly costumized spa session.

Natura Spa offers a wide array of beauty treatments, massages and hair care packages for guests to choose from, all performed in the Spa’s cozy laid back atmosphere.

Guerlain Spa

One of the top contenders for best spa in the city to be certain, the Spa Guerlain is a New York City institution located in the storied Plaza Hotel.

Not just treatments, Guerlain offers beauty experiences that combine aesthetic and practicalimprovements to your daily life.

A highly qualified team of aestheticians will hear your concerns and advise you on a personal plan to make you into your best you.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

Located in the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Spa at Mandarin is a premium upscale destination for those looking to go all out and be spoiled to the utmost.

The Spa offers a variety of indulgent and opulent treatments with the city skyline as a scenic backdrop.

Hunker don’t by the comfortable poolside spa suites and enjoy the best wellness treatments money can buy.


111SKIN is housed in the Four Seasons Downtown building, rising high into the clouds to provide you with a breahtaking view to enjoy during your spa appoitnment.

111SKIN, as the name may imply, specializes heavily in skincare, so for those looking for a glow up during their retreat, 111SKIN is the right place.

Spa Nalai Treatments

Spa Nalai is located high above the ground, in the iconic Park Hotel building, a staple of the New York City skyline for decades.

Spa Nalai makes it their mission to serve highly personalized treatment regimens for guests to ensure the best results possible.

Whether it be with your loved one in hand or by yourself, enjoy a relaxing massage as you gaze off of the floor-to-ceiling windows and enjoy the view.

SoJo Spa Club

The Korean themed Sojo Spa Club has been a New Jersey gem for years now, and is the perfect place to seek out if you want to enjoy a unique Korean body scrub.

This all-season spa and bath house overlooks the Hudson Bay for scenic views during your spa visit.

Make sure to try the Sojo Spa Club’s signature Korean body scrubs and massages.

Great Jones Spa

The self proclaimed best day in Manhattan, the Great Jones Spa has been around for a while now, and when you’re in Manhattan, that says something.

Specializing in baths and massages, the Great Jones Spa also offers several skincare treatments to guests. But don’ tbe mistaken, the allure of the Great Jones Spa lies in its incredible ambiance and comfort baths that seem to squeeze the stress out of your body.

The Peninsula Spa

The Peninsula Spa is an oasis for the lost and weary, looking for a place to sit down and unwind from the stress and woes of daily life.

This 5-star spa offers luxurious treatments, among which, one of the most popular facials in the world, by the renowned French luxury skincare line Biologique Recherche.

For the ultimate relaxing experience, the Deep Tissue Experience promises instant results.

Babor Signature Spa

Beauty is highly individual, and Babor Signature Spa knows that, this luxurious spa focuses nearly exclusively on rejuvenating skincare treatments and products.

This gorgeous beauty boutique aims to have you walking out the door feeling a completely different person, a person devoid of the stress and insecurities they had walking.

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