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Just like the neighboring Big Apple, New Jersey is a hotspot when it comes to fine-dining cuisine, luxury hotels, and most importantly for our purposes, a wealth of spas.

Each of the spas that make our list offers a wide array of relaxing treatments and services that are sure to help you forget the woes of daily life.

Best spas in New Jersey

SoJo Spa Club

Kicking off our list, the SoJo Spa clubs is home to a sprawling infinity pool that offers scenic views of Hudson Bay and of the majestic New Jersey skyline.

This lavish Edgewater spa offers a variety of unique Korean treatments and services, like its Korean-style bath house.

Spa at Ocean Place

The beautiful Spa at Ocean Place in scenic Long Island offers majestic Atlantic Ocean views as you get pampered.

On top of its incredible location and views, the Spa at Ocean Place offers an extensive spa menu of relaxing treatments and rejuvenating services.

The Woodhouse Day Spa

The professionals at Woodhouse Day Spa are confident they can turn your frown upside down, no matter how severe.

Each and every treatment at the Woodhouse Spa is geared towards at helping you with whatever you’re struggling with.

Enjoy the beautiful facilities and walk out the door feeling brand new.

Sea Spa at Congress Hall

Combine the best of both worlds and indulge in a unique experience at the Sea Spa in Cape May.

The Sea Spa offers a wide array of spa treatments and services, all of which done right on the white sands of the beach, so you can work on your tan or cool off in the water after your massage.

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Alchemy Mind and Body

Alchemy Mind and Body works hard to create a tranquil and relaxing ambiance for their guests.

Beautiful, verdant gardens surround the facilities, and rustic wood buildings house saunas and relaxing hot tubs.

Enjoy your treatments outdoors, and feel the gentle breeze and the serene sounds of nature as you feel the stress leave your body.

Reflections Spa

Housed in the bucolic Crystal Springs Resort in Sussex, Reflections Spa is one of most luxuriously equipped spas that made our list.

Making heavy use of bold colors and creative lightning, stepping into this spa alone is a stimulating activity. Aside from the decór, Reflections is incredibly equipped and staffed.

Enjoy any of their treatments in one of their uniquely lit rooms for a relaxing experience that’ll linger in your memory.

The Spa at Harrah's Resort

Located in the glittering lights of the iconic Harrah’s Resort in bustling Atlantic City, the Spa at Harrah’s Resort is a state-of-the-art sanctuary for those looking to unwind from the woes of daily life.

This luxury spa offers a variety of couples therapies and other relaxing treatments so you can make the most of your romantic getaway in New Jersey.

Island Spa & Sauna

The Island Spa and Salon is one of the most visually striking and romantic spas you can visit in the city of New Jersey.

The Island Spa offers guests beautiful Sauna cabins, and other incredible amenities in their stunning facilities.

Guests can also restore their energy with a quick meal after their session at the Cafe Island.

Immersion Spa

One of the lavish spas houses in the iconic New Jersey hotel, the Borgata, Immersion Spa offers guests luxury spa treatments with a priviliged view of the city skyline.

Immersion Spa offers all of the classic treatments and services, and takes them to the next level for an equal parts memorable and restoring experience in one of city’s best hotels.


Spa Toccare

Immersion Spa’s sister spa, Spa Toccare also has the distinct privilige of calling the Borgata its home. 

Spa Toccare offers a much more specialized and unique set of treatments than the Immersion though. Still offering the exquisite views, Spa Toccare features a sprawling swimming pool and a relaxing bath house area.

Kur Wellness Studios

Departing from the luxury spas we’ve seen so far, the Kur Wellness Studios are perfect for those looking for a more hollistic approach to wellness.

The Kur Wellness Spas offer specialized Yoga classes to help back pain and other everyday issues, as well as a wealth of therapies and treatments inspired by Eastern Ayurvedic practices.


Elements Spa

Whatever your wellness needs, Elements Spa promises you to take you through a life changing journey through their facilities, where they use age old healing arts to help you with your struggles.

Walk out the door feeling like a brand new version yourself after a visit to this well-being Meca.

Salt Spa

Housed in the beautiful Reeds at Shelter Haven, Salt Spa boasts a unique, High-Tech feel that makes you feel like the staff is going to rejuvenate you with some alien technology. Don’t fret just yet, Salt Spa offers guests a wide variety of classic wellness treatments in a modern environment.

Most of the spa rooms boast dimmed blue lights that are designed to put you at ease and relax you prior to your treatment.


Cape May Day Spa

The Cape May Day Spa is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a glow up during your romantic getaway to this beautiful seaside city.

The team over at Cape May Day Spa specialize in beauty treatments and relaxing massages. 

Indulge during your getaway with a facial and a mani pedi and walk out the door feeling like the best version of yourself.

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