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One of the South’s culinary burgeoning capitals, Nashville checks all of the classic boxes for an incredible romantic getaway destination.

If during your time in this beautiful city you feel the weight of the stress of daily life, visit any of the incredible spas we’ve listed below.

Best spas in Nashville

Mokara Spa

Kicking off our list, the Mokara Spa is an urban oasis in downtown Nashville.

This incredible wellness center has everything you need for an indulging spa day experience.

Enjoy sweeping views of Nashville’s skyline as the seasoned staff at Mokara squeezes the pressure of daily life out of your body.

Rhapsody Nashville

A sanctuary dedicated to beauty and wellness, the Rhapsody is the perfect place to visit in Nashville to forget about the troubles of daily life.

The Rhapsody’s unique treatments and therapies aim to rejuvenate your skin and instill a renewed sense of calm and wellbeing.

Rose Spa

Located high above the ground, overlooking the gorgeous Nashville cityscape, the Rose Spa hopes to harness Southern Hospitality into a relaxing wellness experience.

The expansive spa is laid out in a way that inspires a sense of harmony and tranquility.

Rose Spa offers a variety of ancient rituals and treatments that deliver a unique feeling of relaxation.

Escape Day Spa and Salon

The perfectly named Escape Day Spa and Salon is the ideal destination for those of us who want to look our best and regain the confidence that daily life has stripped from us during our romantic retreat. 

Offering a variety of skincare, massage, and hair treatments, the professionals of the Escape Day Spa will leave no stone unturned in their quest to bring you back to your best self.


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Bobby Hotel Spa

Using bespoke ESPA products, this simplistic urban sanctuary focuses their energies on delivering high quality, personalized treatments and therapies to deliver unmatched results.

With their combination of incredible products and signature massages and therapies, you’ll feel like a brand new person by the time you walk out the doors of the Bobby Hotel.

Relachê Spa

Relachê Spa is an instituition in the Nashville wellness scene.

This European inspired spa boasts enormous facilities, fully equipped and staffed to help you with whatever keeps you from enjoying your much deserved weekend retreat to the fullest.

Sit back and let the comforting atmosphere of Relachê Spa lull you into a state of mental wellbeing as the staff massages the worries out of your body.

Woodhouse Day Spa

Known throughout the nation for its incredible quality of service and gorgeous facilities, the Woodhouse Day Spa is a veteran of our lists for a reason.

Let yourself feel the warm and inviting atmosphere of this luxury day spa, and let the seasoned staff pamper you back to a flawless sense of wellness during your visit to the South.

The Lotus Room

Equipped with a wealth of locally sourced products and hollistic healing specialists on staff, the Lotus Room is the ideal place to visit for those with a persistent issue that prevents them from enjoying life to the fullest, or even for those of us just seeking some good old R&R.

Each massage is custom made to every guests’s precise needs, so rest assured that by the time you leave, you’ll feel like you’ve got a new lease on life.


Spa Haus

Pamper your body, mind and soul with a visit to one of Nashville’s most popular wellness centers, Spa Haus!

On top of some oldclassic therapies, Spa Haus makes ample use of cutting edge techniques and equippment to deliver the best possible results.

Salt and Soles

Salt and Soles is one of those places that doesn’t try to do a lot things, but the things they do are exquisitely performed, with an atmosphere and a setting that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Salt and Soles’s main draw is their majestic salt cave.

Drawing on the naturally healing properties of salt, a massage in the Salt Cave can help guests with allergies, sleep issues and even various skin conditions.

Urban Oasis Day Spa

The Urban Oasis Day Spa is a, well, an urban oasis in Nashville that employs a variety of massages and oriental therapies to help relieve guests of their ailments.

Let the professionals at this wellness center take the wheel with the signature Urban Oasis Facial and Stress Relieving Urban Oasis Massage.

Wake Foot Sanctuary

The Wake Foot Sanctuary is the perfect place to visit for those who especially struggle with their feet, nothing a great foot soak and rub coupled with a glass of champagne won’t fix.

Wake Foot Sanctuary has a carefully developed foot rub for everyone and every need. From the pain that comes with being on your feet every day to the soreness that plague expecting mothers.

R + R Wellness

Taking heavy inspiration from the charming culture of the Southern Railroad region, R + R wellness is a sophisticated and stylish wellness center that’ll surpass every expectation you may have for a day spa experience.

Every treatment and wellness experience at this wellness center draws inspiration from the five elements to replenish and nurture your body and soul.


The Noelle

Sit in your bed, lazily sipping on a glass of fine champagne as the experts of Noelle’s spa walk through the door to pamper and indulge each and every one of your wellness needs, right in the comfort of your room.

The Noelle offers the best spa therapies and treatments, admnistered in the comfort of your lavish room.

The Hermitage Hotel Spa

To wrap up our list, one of Nashville’s most storied wellness institutions, the Hermitage Hotel, offers lavish spa treatments and services to guests, right in the comfort of their room.

The dedicated spa suites additionally boast a large soaking tub where guests can enjoy a relaxing and replenishing bubble bath before their decadent massage session.

More Spas close to Nashville

Done with the South already? I thought not. Look through our list below and find other stunning destinations for your next romantic retreat in the warm comfort of typical Southern hospitality.


  • Which spa is the best in Nashville?

    Always a tough question, but even more so in Nashville's case. I'd say its a head to head tie between the Rhapsody and the decadent Escape Day Spa and Salon

  • Which is the best spa for a couple's experience?

    Relachê Spa and Salt and Soles are both great options for a couples experience. Wake Foot Sanctuary is also an excelent choice if your significant other is open to a pampering foot soak and rub.

  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Mokara Spa, Rhapsody Nashville, the Noelle, just to name a few, most of the spas that made our list are either located inside a hotel, or just next door from one.