List of best spas in Manhattan

The oldest and most densely populated of New York’s five boroughs, Manhattan has been widely portrayed in popular media as a dreamy destination for a romantic retreat.

Home to some of the nation’s most beautiful hotels and indulgent spas and wellness centers, Manhattan has everything you need to recharge your batteries during your visit.

Tracie Martyn Spa

One of the best places in New York to visit if you’re looking to step up your skincare game, the Tracie Martyn Spa is home to beauty treatment experts that are waiting to pamper you back to full health.

Stock up on first-class beauty products and enjoy a soothing massage in the spa’s elegant treatment rooms.


Aire Ancient Spa

The perfect place to visit if you’re looking to slow down and unwind during your visit to the Big Apple, Aire Ancient Spa specializes in relaxing baths.

Enjoy Aire Ancient Spa’s mellow, candle lit atmosphere as you float in the soothing tranquil waters of their sprawling swimming pools, and walk out the door feeling rejuvenated.

Shibui Spa

A place to relax, unwind and cleanse your mind and body of the stress of daily life with premium Oriental treatments and services, Shibui Spa is one of Manhattan’s most sought-after spas.

Using a blend of ancient oriental therapies and modern techniques, the staff at Shibui Spa makes the most of their peaceful setting to restore balance to your mind and body.

Great Jones Spa

The famous Great Jones Spa also specializes in relaxing baths, as well as some signature therapies that incorporate elements of wellness therapies from around the globe.

Start your visit off with a trip to the River Rock Sauna, made with actual river stones, to sweat out all the toxins that daily life has pushed into your body, before taking a cold plunge to make sure they stay out.

Sojo Spa Club

An absolute favourite for locals and tourists alike, Sojo Spa Club is somewhere between a bathhouse and a traditional Korean Spa, with all of the best qualities from each.

Enjoy a gorgeous view of the Hudson Bay from the Spa Club’s infinity pool before you head inside and indulge in a typical Korean body scrub, a signature treatment at Sojo’s.

Bamford Spa

A sophisticated oasis of relaxation right in the heart of Manhattan, the Bamford Wellness Spa is a no frills, down to earth spa, where the attentive staff is wholy dedicated to restoring your mind and body.

Let the staff use the full extent of their skill to massage the stress off your tired body at this elegant wellness center.


Guerlain Spa

Located in the lavish Plaza Hotel, Guerlain Spa is the best place if you’re looking to be pampered with indulgent spa treatments in a luxurious setting.

Guerlain Spa offers makeup services, if you want to look your best for an event, but if you’re looking to just relax, the spa offers an extensive menu of highly personalized massages.

Spa at the Mandarin Oriental

Another spa that distinguishes itself from the rest through its luxurious atmosphere and stunning views, the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental is a staple of our lists.

Boasting the modern design with a distinct oriental flair that is so unique to the Mandarin Oriental, the spa offers indulgent couples experiences if you’re looking to relax hand in hand with your significant other.

Spa at Peninsula

Awarded the coveted Forbes 5-star rating, the Spa at Peninsula perfectly walks the line between luxury and comfort, creating a uniquely intimate and opulent atmosphere where guests can relax, knowing they’re in great hands.

Their popular facial treatments use only the finest Biologique Recherche beauty products, for the best possible results.

Spa Nalai

Offering a luxurious, hollistic approach to wellness, Spa Nalai combines first-class treatments with the very best views of the New York skyline.

The artisans of rejuvenation at Spa Nalai work with each other to allow you to relax and unwind during your visit to this luxurious wellness center.

Mynd Spa & Salon

The intimate Mynd Spa & Salon keeps their operations small so they can offer the most intimate and attentive experience to each guest that seeks solance from the pressure of day to day life in their halls.

Boasting their very own manicure and pedicure studio, as well as a lavish salt water pool, you’ll find that relaxing at Mynd Spa & Salon is as easy as breathing.

Joanna Vargas Spa

Offering exquisite beauty treatments and relaxing services, it should come as no surprise that locals and people from outside of New York travel into the city to visit the Joanna Vargas Spa.

Let the incredible staff pamper you with one of their signature facial treatments for the authentic Joanna Vargas Spa experience.


Rescue Spa

Located in the heart of the city, Rescue Spa is an urban oasis of wellness, offering a variety of relaxing treatments and beauty therapies to help you feel and look your very best.

You’ll find an inviting and warm environment at Rescue Spa, and an eager, attentive staff that is ready to indulge your every need.

The Well

The Well offers bespoke beauty treatments using only the finest Biologique Recherche products and highly personalized massages to soothe your weary body during your escape to Manhattan.


Pratima Spa

To wrap up our list, Pratima Spa’s treatments and philosophy are rooted in the ancient healing therapies of Ayurveda.

Using highly costumizably, tailor made therapies, the hollistic treatments at Pratima Spa are sure to leave you feeling good as new.

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More Spas close to Manhattan

When you’re done with Manhattan, you can rest easy that there is a whole world to visit and experience just a stone’s throw away. With the rest of New York to explore and New Jersey just around the corner, the possibilities are endless.

Look through our lists below and find out the best places to stay during your visit to New York, New Jersey, or to beautiful Virginia.


  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Most of the hotels on our list offer hotel accommodations, the Mandarin Oriental, The Plaza Hotel and the Peninsula just to name a few.

  • Which is the best experience pack for a spa in Manhattan?

    For a couples experience, the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental offers a wealth of bespoke couples treatments, as does Shibui Spa.

  • Which spa is the best in Manhattan?

    Always a tough question to answer, but we'd say its a close race between the Spa at Peninsula and Spa Nalai.