List of best spas in Grand Rapids

Located on the tranquil shores of the Grand River, Grand Rapids is perfect for a relaxing retreat thanks to its small-town atmosphere and cosmopolitan amenities. 

Luscious greenery and small streams weave through the concrete jungle to create a setting that is uniquely suited for slowing down and unwinding. Find below the best places to visit if you’re looking for some rejuvenating and replenishing therapies during your stay in Grand Rapids.

Spa at the JW Marriot

Just because Grand Rapids is big on the small town vibes doesn’t mean that you can’t stay in a stylish big city hotel during your stay. 

The Spa at the JW Marriot offers guests beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows that shower you with bright natural light and with stunning views of the cityscape while you take a relaxing swim in the swimming pool.



Don’t want to head over to a big hotel for a spa experience? Then Ethos Day Spa is perfect for you!

Offering bespoke beauty treatments and incredible wellness therapies, the serene sophistication of Ethos Day Spa is just what the doctor ordered. 

Indulge in one of their signature facials for a rejuvenating glow-up, and after that, make sure that you let the skincare experts help you step up your skincare game to keep that youthful glow for longer.

The Woodhouse Day Spa

One of the most famous day spas in the nation, Woodhouse Day Spa keeps the bar high with its Grand Rapids branch.

With the belief that true wellness enduring, the staff at the Woodhouse doesn’t just want to help you feel better, they want to make sure that you stay well when you go back to daily life.

As such, each luxurious treatment is carefully curated and personalized to your specific needs for the very best results.

Spa at the Amway

Using incredible Aveda products for both hair and skin care, Spa at the Amway is ideal for those who just want to sit down and have someone pamper them from head to toes

Spa at the Amway offers every kind of service under the sun. Relaxing and soothing therapies as well as a comprehensive beauty service menu to meet your every need.

Apsara Spa

A dedicated sanctuary for your body and soul during your time in Grand Rapids, Apsara Spa lets people take respite from the stress of daily life.

Allow yourself to be pampered to the fullest by the seasoned experts at the Apsara and feel the difference that visiting the right place can make. 


Grand Pearl Spa

It happened to us all, when the worries start piling up, whether it be work or personal affairs, it starts to impact the way we look. 

Grand Pearl Spa is the place to visit if your number 1 priority is regaining some of that youthful glow that the pressures of daily life have stolen from you. Using luxurious Skinceutical products in their beauty treatments for the best rejuvenating results, you can rest assured you’re in excellent hands during your stay.

Ageless Beauty

Your journey towards beautiful skin starts with a visit to one of Grand Rapid’s premier beauty salons, Ageless Beauty. 

Grounded in the belief that looking good is one of the best ways to feel good, the experts at Ageless Beauty carefully curate a selection of bespoke treatments and therapies to put your mind at peace by helping you look your best.

LEX Facial Bar & Spa

Incredible, natural-looking results from an organic, all-natural approach to wellness are what the professionals at LEX Facial Bar & Spa believe in. 

Grand Rapids’s only facial bar, LEX uses a combination of exclusive signature facials and beauty treatments that use all-natural products, all of which are done in their stunning facial lounge to put your mind at ease at the professionals get to work on you.

Design 1 Salon & Spa

Making the most of their hip and relaxing setting, the iconic Design 1 offers an expert selection of hairstylists and wellness experts to help on your journey back to recovery, no matter what your needs are. 

Master of both salon and spa services, a visit to Design 1 is guaranteed to be fuss-free and big on “oohs” and “aahs” as the staff works their magic until you’re back to feeling like your best self.


Heidi Christine's Spa and Salon

Dedicated to their mission of ensuring you never have to suffer through one more bad hair day again in your life, especially not during your relaxing retreat, Heidi Christine’s Spa and Salon is the place for those who want to tame their hair.

Learn about the right style for your hair type, what kind of products to use and how to care for it so that after your visit, every day is a great hair day.


TLC Spa is perfect for those looking for the classic day spa experience during their trip to Grand Rapids. 

Forget about your worries, sit down on a big comfy chair and start the idle talk with the therapist as they pamper you from top to bottom, an indulgent mani-pedi, a rejuvenating facial, and a relaxing massage are tried and true methods to purge your body of the stress of daily life.

Tanaz Hair Boutique & Day Spa

Change up your look and try something new and exciting to reclaim some of your confidence back with a visit to the prestigious Tanaz Hair Boutique & Day Spa.

With beautiful and elegant facilities, and a caring and attentive staff, you’ll feel like absolute royalty during your time at Tanaz.

Bliss Nail Bar

Another time-tested way to instantly relax and unwind is with a great mani-pedi, an average mani-pedi just won’t cut it here, so make sure to pop by Bliss Nail Bar for a great start to your relaxing weekend in Grand Rapids.

Nothing is impossible at Bliss Nail Bar, the talented nail techs here can do any color and any design to beautify your nails to your taste.

Chasing Vanity Salon

Helping you look better than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams is the mission of the talented stylists at the Chasing Vanity Salon.

The definitive location for a top-to-bottom makeover, Chasing Vanity Salon has experts to help you with your hair, nails, and skincare. Once your transformation is complete, enjoy a full body massage as a relaxing coup de grâce

Cheeky Strut

If you’re in town for a special event like a wedding, then you have to stop by Cheeky Strut. 

Cheeky Strut specializes in bridal parties and works miracles and pushed the boundaries of what you think is possible when it comes to makeup and hairstyling. 


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More Spas close to Grand Rapids

Once you’re done with your visit to Grand Rapids, here are some lists of places that feature the same tranquil, homey vibes that makes Grand Rapids such a relaxing and soothing place to stay at.


  • Which spas have a heated pool?

    The Spa at the JW Marriot and the Spa at the Amway! 

  • Which is the best spa for a couple's experience?

    The Woodhouse Day Spa! They have separate treatment rooms and a whole treatment menu wholly dedicated to couples.


  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Yes! The JW Marriot and the Amway both offer stunning hotel rooms in addition to their lavish spa facilities.