List of best spas in Denver

With 300 days of sunshine, and the majestic Rocky mountains serving as a jaw-dropping backdrop, a trip to the city of Denver offers a much-needed change of pace for you to enjoy. 

The city combines the best of both worlds, offering all of the modern comforts of a big city while just around the corner from picturesque hiking trails and verdant forests.  

The Oxford Club

Located in the eclectic Oxford Hotel, the Oxford Club offers you the chance of being pampered by some of Denver’s best therapists in a lavish and elegant atmosphere.

Enjoy the spa experience you deserve, the Oxford’s refreshing facials, soothing foot rubs, and relaxing massages have earned it an excellent reputation, drop by for a quick visit and discover why.

The Woodhouse Day Spa

One of the most famous spa franchises in the US, you won’t be disappointed if you choose to visit the Woodhouse Day Spa in Denver. 

Housed in an elegant and familiar house, you’ll feel right at home at the Woodhouse. Its warm and inviting atmosphere helps you get into the right mind space to enjoy a day of pure bliss.

Eden Spa

Eden Spa is a gorgeous indoor garden spa, where verdant greenery, luscious trees, and the sound of rustling leaves ease your mind. 

Therapeutic massages, indulgent facials, and other-worldly body treatments are just what the doctor ordered to get rid of the worries that plague your mind during your visit to Denver.

Izba Spa

If you’ve ever wanted to experience authentic Russian therapies, then make sure to head to Izba Spa during your time in Denver. 

Home to a traditional Banya Sauna, as well as modern Infrared Sauna Rooms, a trip to Izba Spa is the ideal way to sweat out all of the stress and detox.

The Beer Spa

Beer Spa is an incredibly unique spa, putting the lavish facilities, incredible treatments rooms, and attentive staff aside, what makes this spa so special is that they offer you the opportunity to relax in a beer bath!

Forget about your worries and be transported to another plane of existence as you sit on an indulgent zero-gravity chair, a mug of craft beer in hand, and let the staff melt the stress off your body.


LoDo Massage Studio

LoDo is the best place to visit in Denver for those who struggle with chronic pain from being hunched over their desk all day. 

The experts at LoDo are incredibly equipped with a variety of bespoke massage therapies to address your specific issues and get you back to tip-top shape.

Spa at the Four Seasons

A staple of our lists, the Spa at the Four Seasons is an incredible choice for a day of pampering indulgence while in Denver.

Denver’s Spa at the Four Seasons offers some signature treatments that set it apart from other spas. Treatments such as the Aromatherapy Massage and the result-driven Biologique Recherche Cold-Therapy Facial will have you feel like born anew.

5 Star Salt Caves

Discover the exquisite healing properties of halotherapy during your stay in Denver by visiting its premier Salt Cave wellness center, 5 Star Salt Caves.

The warm red hue of the salt cave provides the perfect ambiance for a relaxing foot scrub and back rub, once you’re done with the salt cave, head on up and sweat out the last bits of tension with the help of the infrared sauna.

Spavia Day Spa

Offering some of the best skincare products and beauty services in Denver, it’s plain to see why Spavia Day Spa has enjoyed such an incredible reputation for so long. 

With modern facilities and a dotting staff that won’t let you leave until you’re feeling fully refreshed and revitalized, your trip to Spavia will be one you won’t so easily forget.

Indulgences Day Spa

If what you’re looking for is a more intimate and reserved spa experience, Indulgences Day Spa should be right up your alley.

Indulgent massages and rejuvenating body scrubs make up the brunt of the wonderful spa experiences at Indulgences.



Great skin comes from within, that is the core belief over at Sesen, one of Denver’s premier wellness centers when it comes to skincare.

Let the skincare experts at Sesen craft you a rejuvenating skincare routine, specifically tailored to your needs so that you’ll keep looking your best long after you walk out the door.


Havana Health Spa

Havana Health Spa is one of Denver’s most renowned spas. Known for its extensive and unique menu, and incredible facilities, you’ll find a variety of classic wellness therapies and alternative healing rituals are woven together to deliver a truly effective spa experience.

Also boasting a variety of authentic Korean and other oriental therapies, you won’t be lacking options during your visit.

Elle B Salon

Sometimes we just a need simple gesture to ease our mind and put us in the right mood for some R&R, if you’re looking for a fresh haircut, then Elle B Salon is a great choice in Denver.

The stunning stylists at Elle B are expertly trained to advise and provide you with the most flattering haircut for your looks.

Luna Massage & Wellness

Offering 5-star massages and revitalizing skincare treatments, Luna Massage and Wellness is an intimate urban oasis that welcomes weary travelers looking to slow down and unwind.

Each and every treatment at Luna is highly customized and adjusted to the guests’ specific needs, to ensure the best possible results.

Elixir Mind Body Massage

Elixir Mind Body Massage believes that an organic and holistic approach to wellness is crucial for the very best results, as such all of their bespoke treatments use only the finest organic products.

Regain your balance during your stay and reclaim the strength to face life’s challenges once more with one of Elixir’s result-driven highly tailored massage packages, which are designed to squeeze out all of the stress and stiffness to get you ready for some new adventures.

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More Spas close to Denver

Denver is only the beginning, Colorado in all of its splendor is waiting for you to discover its natural beauty, and once you’re done with that, Texas, Arizona, the possibilities are endless!

Check our lists below to see our top picks for the best places to stay and the coolest things to do while visiting those places.


  • Which spa offers Valentine's Day packages?

    The Beer Spa! They offer a dedicated menu of bespoke Valentine's Day packages, for both couples and individuals. 

  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Yes! The Four Seasons offers incredible hotel accommodations that are ideal for a romantic weekend retreat.

  • Which is the best experience pack for a spa in Denver?

    The Beer Spa offers, without a doubt, the best experience packages in Denver.