List of best spas in Charlotte

Charlotte, the Queen City, an urban landscaping masterpiece, seamlessly blending nature and concrete into a uniform and harmonious Metropole.

This Southern Gem offers everything people conjure up in their heads when they think of North Carolina and the South. A thriving food scene, outdoor beauty sprouting among skyscrapers, and much much more.

Look through our list below and find out what the best places are to relax in this regal city.

Spa at the Ritz-Carlton

Get yourself into the right mood to make the most of your much-deserved retreat with a visit to the majestic Spa at the Ritz-Carlton.

Boasting an indoor swimming pool with enviable views of the city skyline adjacent to its world-class spa facilities, guests are in for a treat at the Ritz-Carlton, even if they’re just coming in for a simple massage.

Spa at the Ballantyne

Located in the luxurious Ballantyne hotel, this world-class spa is the ideal resting place for you to soothe your mind and forget about your worries.

With an extensive treatment menu, labvish facilities and a specialized staff on hand to pamper and indulge you, you’ll find it hard to come back from your visit feeling anything other than reinvigorated and replenished.

Mood House Spa

Get in the right mood for your romantic retreat with a soothing visit to the Mood House Spa.

Theres no amount of stress that can resist the Mood House’s innovative sauna treatments coupled with their highly personalized massages perfomed by some of the nation’s top therapists.

The Invigory

Cutting edge technology meets a hollistic approach to wellness at the Invigory, the only wellness center in Charlotte that makes it their sole priority to reinvigorate you for the challenges of daily life after you get back home.

Cryotherapy, salt rooms and infrared saunas are just the tip of the iceberg of modern, result-driven treatments that Invigory has to offer.

Nature's Spa and Wellness

Mend your soul as you heal your body with a visit to Nature’s Spa, a wellness center that brings together highly trained, natural born healers and organic products to help restore balance to your mind and body.

Nature’s Spa offers a wealth of seasonal spa packages and other carefully curated treatments to treat guests’s ailments.

Toska European Spa

Toska European Spa combines expertly trained professionals with some of the beauty industries finest skincare products to deliver unparalleled resulsts and restore your confidence during your weekend retreat.

Toska’s carefully curated treatment menu makes the most of cutting-edge technology for the very results.

Urbana Spa & Tea

Located in Charlotte’s boujee Carmel Village neighborhood, Urbana Spa & Tea is an award-winning wellness center offering pure unadulterated relaxation with each of their therapies.

Combining ancient traditional therapies with modern techniques and treatments, the staff at Urbana is at your beck and call to ensure that your spa experience lacks for nothing.

Village Spa

Let yourself relax and unwind with an indulging massage as you feast your eyes on the tranquil waters of Lake Norman with a visit to Village Spa.

This wellness center sits on the banks of Lake Norman, surrounded by green grass and gorgeous oak trees, the perfect setting for you to forget about your worries and hit the reset button.

Soul Space

Soul Space specializes in using human touch to suck out the stress that builds up in your muscles and mind and return you to tip top shape so you can leave through the doors feeling like you’re brand new.

This oasis of serenity uses their deep knowledge of healing arts to deliver the best results.


Toccare should be the first spa on your list if you’re looking for a quiet, tranquil wellness center that offers an incredibly attentive and personalized approach to your issues.

Nourishing the mind and body from the time you walk in, Toccare is elegantly simplistic in its furnishing and decór that contrast with the intricacy of their treatments and therapies.

Poseidon Spa

A full-service menu in a luxurious setting, right in the heart of the Queen City, thats what Poseidon Spa brings to the table.

Offering cutting-edge treatments like the Hydrafacial or a passionate couples massage, Poseidon Spa is the perfect place for a quintessencial spa experience.

Dolce Lusso Salon & Spa

Most spas in our list are dedicated to relaxing treatments to help you relax, and while Dolce Lusso Salon & Salon offers massages, the main focus is on beauty treatments, making it the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a glow up.

Wheter you’re looking to try out a new hair color, or get a new haircut, the experts at Dolce Lusso will deliver unmatched results.

Hand and Stone Spa

Offering affordable spa treatments that don’t compromise on quality, Hand and Stone Spa is a great choice of wellness center to escape the stresses of daily life.

Sweedish, Deep Tissue, and of course, their signature Hot Stone Massage melt away the stress that deadlines and hectic schedules so freely create.

JW Marriot Spa

An urban retreat in the heart of the Queen City, the JW Marriot Spa perfectly blends luxurious service, result-driven treatments and an incredible location, within a stone’s throw of some of Charlotte’s most popular attractions.

Boasting a hollistic view of the mind and body, the JW Marriot Spa’s treatments aim to soothe your mind and calm your mind.

Spa at the Kimpton

To make sure that you can have your R&R no matter how tired you are from exploring the beautiful Queen City, the Spa at the Kimpton offers indulgent relaxing treatments in the comfort of your suite.

Organic, all-natural skincare products and highly personalized wellness therapies work together to deliver the best results.

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More Spas close to Charlotte

If you fall in love with the American South by the end of your visit, we’ve compiled a collection of states and cities just a couple of hours drive from Charlotte that offer the same feel.

Look through our lists below and find the best places to stay around the Queen City.


  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Yes! The Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, the Spa at the Ballantyne and the Village Spa all have hotel accommodations to name a few.

  • Which is the best experience pack for a spa in Charlotte?

    Toccare has the very best, most customized treatment packages of all of the spas in our list.

  • Which spa is the best in Charlotte?

    If we were forced to pick one, we'd say Toccare. The beautiful setting and the attentive staff and treatments go a long way to help guests relax and unwind.