List of best spas in Brooklyn

Home to New York’s most welcoming and diverse neighborhoods as well as some of the best food around, you’ll find Brooklyn to be the perfect place for a soothing romantic retreat.

Aside from some of the US’s most famous restaurants, Brooklyn is also home to some of the most incredible spas anywhere in the world.

Spa de la Mer

Located in one of NYC’s most luxurious and exclusive hotels, the Baccarat, Spa de la Mer keeps the sophisticated and lavish atmosphere of its hotel counterpart.

On top of looking pretty and feeling posh, Spa de la Mer offers some of the most indulgent and relaxing treatments you’ll find in nEw York City.

Spa at the Mandarin Oriental

Overlooking the busy streets, high above the ground the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental offers a distinct menu of modern treatments with an oriental twist.

With spacious treatment suites and tailor made signature therapies, you’ll be leaving the Spa at the Oriental Mandarin feeling brand new.

The Peninsula Spa

Using bespoke French skincare line Biologique Recherche to base all of their superb beauty treatments, The Peninsula Spa offers the ultimate relaxation experience with a handcrafted menu in their gorgeous treatment rooms.

Aromatherapy candles and a dimly lit atmosphere ease you into the perfect mindset for your rejuvenating spa experience at the Peninsula Spa.

Guerlain Spa

The magical Guerlain Spa is a storied institution in New York City. Famous for its elegance, luxury and result-driven spa treatments.

Famous for its rejuvenating facials and incredible massages, Guerlain Spa’s staff are all trained in the manner of Guerlain in Paris.


PRIMP Spa makes the most of its gorgeous Art Deco inspired surroundings to help create the perfect setting for a relaxing spa experience to help you with aches during your romantic retreat to Brooklyn.

PRIMP Spa offers all of the classic spa treatments that you’d expect for a luxury wellness center as well as many more signature treatments like their special body scrub.

Spa Like No Other

Using wellness techniques that originated in the Ottoman Empire, this spa’s authentic Turkish Hammam therapies and uniquely elegant design of their spa facilities make Spa Like No Other a unique in NYC.

Hot steam rooms covered from top to bottom with beautiful marble stone are where each of this spa’s lavish treatments are administered.

Spa at the Ritz-Carlton

Spa at the Ritz Carlton aims to be a serene oasis of tranquility, eager to welcome weary travelers into their superb spa to aid them in their journey to recovery.

The Spa at the Ritz-Carlton offers a variety of spa packages for both men and women, as well as romantic couples experiences.

ilaOnly Spa

The ideal place to escape the frantic, non-stop rhythm of daily life in the city, ilaOnly Spa hopes to help guests recharge and unwind during their visit.

Anchored in the belief that healing starts from within, all of the therapies and treatments at ilaOnly Spa are geared towards soothing the mind while healing the body.

Spa at the Equinox

Located in the award-winning Equinox Hotel, the Spa at the Equinox benefits from the same bespoke design and incredibly attentive staff.

A whole array of high tech relaxing treatments and a highly trained staff ensure that your visit to the spa is rejuvenating and relaxing.

Bamford Wellness Center

The Bamford Wellness Center dedicates itself to nurturing the mind, body and soul with their heartfelt hollistic approach.

This elegant spa offers guests sweeping views of the Hudson Bay, the perfect backdrop for the  ideal spa day.


Spa at the Four Seasons

A list on the best spas in Brooklyn isn’t complete without mentioning the Spa at the Four Seasons.

A sprawling indoor swimming pool surrounded by floor-to-ceilling windows that help create the perfectly lit setting for a day of pure relaxation.

For the authentic Four Seasons experience, indulge in the Royal Ritual an afternoon long spa package consisting of relaxing massages and  bubbly champagne.

Casa Cipriani Spa

Boasting an intimate environment and lavish facilities, Casa Cipriani Spa is the ultimate destination for a day of pure, unadulterated relaxation during your visit to Brooklyn.

The team of hand-picked therapists is expertly trained to deliver an impressive array of signature massages and healing therapies from around the world.

Babor Spa

Exquisite rooms, sweeping views of the Hudson River, and an urban oasis that is completely dedicated to crafting a bespoke spa experience for guests is what you can expect from Babor Spa at the Dominick Hotel. 

Babor Spa stands out with its impressive range of skincare treatments, using only the finest products from the BABOR skincare line.

Shibui Spa

Shibuy Spa has been New York City’s premier destination for indulgent oriental massages and therapies.

Each treatment and service at Shibui embraces modern techniques to improve their bespoke traditional therapies and boost their efficacy.

Trump Spa

To round up the list, Trump Spa is located high above the ground in the iconic Trump Tower, offering panoramic views of the city alongside soothing massages and pampering beauty treatments.

This beautiful spa offers a unique selection of rejuvenating facials and luxury massages, as well as a variety of romantic couples experiences.

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More Spas close to Brooklyn

Done with Brooklyn? That doesn’t mean you’re anywhere near done with New York City, theres still 4 whole boroughs to explore, not to mention sunny New Jersey just across the river.


  • Is there a spa with hotel accommodations?

    Yes! Babor Spa is housed in the Dominick, and Trump Spa is located in Trump Tower Hotel. Most other spas in our list also have hotel rooms.

  • Which is the best spa for a couple's experience?

    Shibui Spa offers incredible couples experiences in an intimate candle lit setting for you to enjoy with your significant other.

  • Which spas have a heated pool?

    The Shibui, the Babor and Trump spas all have heated swimming pools.