Most romantic spring getaways in 2022

After enduring the hard and chilly months of January and February, everyone is dying to get out of the house and enjoy the bright light of the sun and the warm weather that accompany the green colors of Spring. 

Few things are more precious than feeling the temperatures come up and the plants rising from the ground to their regular splendor, as it so happens, this makes this wondrous time of year perfect to book a romantic spring getaway with your sweetheart.

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1. Palm Springs, Southern California.

Palm springs CA

Known to everyone, and we mean everyone, as the playground of A-list celebrities and other media icons, Palm Springs is a great place to visit during the springtime, the tempered climate is only made better by the bright sun that rains down and breathes life back into you after the harsh cold of winter, and preparing you for the coming Summer months.

Vintage shops with a distinctly old-world feel are scattered throughout the famous Palm Canyon Drive, while the surrounding Coachella Valley provides the perfect playground for some outdoor activities and breathtaking scenery that makes it the ideal place for a good old romantic sunset viewing.

Where to stay to make your getaway more romantic

For a 5-star romantic getaway, a 5-star romantic hotel, the L’Horizon is one if not the finest hotel in Palm Springs. Relax hand in hand with your partner, courtesy of a couples massage at L’Horizon’s lavishly equipped and staffed spa, located on-site. But an incredible spa isn’t the only amenity that this scenic hotel has in store for you, a sprawling outdoor swimming pool, heated in case a winter night rears its head, with a fully stocked poolside bar, ready to serve you fine handcrafted cocktails as you gaze at the stars or at the beautiful scenery that surrounds L’Horizon. But, if you want to know more romantic hotels for your spring getaway, click here.

Romantic restaurants & where to eat


Palm Springs is known to be a hotbed for fine dining, jam-packed with delicious foodie spots that’ll keep you coming back every time you visit the city. However, there are a few restaurants that stand out even among the tough competition that surrounds them, and one of them is the 4 Saints.

No other restaurant in town comes close to elevating contemporary American cuisine to such heights as 4 Saints. This incredible place is located on the Kimpton Rowan’s 7th-floor rooftop area, to give you the fine dining you deserve, with a view of the city that you won’t expect.

The seasonal menu at 4 Saints puts local Californian ingredients in the spotlight, serving a mix of entrees and small plates to give you a tour of authentic California flavors on your romantic vacation.

What to do for a romantic getaway in Palm Springs (PART 1)


Since the temperatures should be just about picking up when you visit, the perfect spring date idea seems to be to take a tour of the desert surrounding Palm Springs or take some scenic gondola rides to enjoy the city from above and discover some of the wonders the area is home to.

A variety of tours are offered, but you can embrace your adventurous side and make your itinerary. Most of the tours focus heavily on eco-tours of the Coachella Valley, taking you through Joshua Tree National park and the scenic Agua Caliente Indian Canyons.

What to do for a romantic getaway in Palm Springs (PART 2)

Temecula Hot Air Balloon Sunset Viewing:

If you’re in mind to splurge a bit during your weekend getaway, a romantic hot air balloon sunset flight is a sure-fire way to enjoy the beautiful views of the area, for a romantic night you won’t ever forget.

The Temecula hot air balloon leaves from the local Vindemia Winery, where you can enjoy a quick “wine tasting” to work up some courage to take flight. After taking off the balloon will soar above rustic vineyards to give you sweeping views of the newly green pastures for an unforgettable end of the day during your romantic getaways.

What to do for a romantic getaway in Palm Springs (PART 3)

Catalina Island:

If you’re willing to take a bit of a trip then we have a great idea for you, we highly recommend that you take the time to visit and explore the gorgeous Catalina Island.

Not only is the boat ride to this island incredibly scenic and pleasant, but the island is also chock-full of incredible attractions.

The Catalina Island Regional Park is a bit of a hidden gem, but it’s one of those ideas that you’ll spend the rest of your life glad you had.

Explore this island park in the Pacific and uncover the wonders that many misses. There are plenty of ideas and activities in the great outdoors to do here, I’d dare say it’s one of the best places to spend your honeymoon in California, even though many gravitate to other, better-known destinations.

The area is teeming with natural beauty, and many say you haven’t experienced a sunset until you’ve seen it from Catalina island. The hill just outside the port is the perfect spot to enjoy a classic Spring sunset. A unique combination of orange and violet tones dance in the sky as the sun slowly disappears under the horizon.

2. Cannon Beach, Oregon


The charming coastal town of Cannon Beach has long captured the hearts of Americans and foreigners alike with its fair weather, scenic backdrops, and small-town charm that makes most romantic getaways as special as they could be.

Cannon Beach’s downtown is full of charming cafes and little shops that contribute to its tranquil atmosphere. With all of the gorgeous scenery and nature blooming that surrounds this town as Spring settles, you’d be remiss to not take advantage of it and breathe in some fresh air with a nature walk, or if you want to go the extra mile, a horseback riding tour along the beach.

To make sure you can make the best of your stay, we’ve got some great spring date ideas for your time in Cannon Beach, starting with where to stay.

Where to stay to make your getaway more romantic

There’s a lot of selection when it comes to romantic hotels in the area, but the charming Stephanie Inn stands out of the crowd and makes the most of Cannon Beach’s unrivaled ocean views and natural beauty, and pairs it with luxurious amenities to make your stay as special as it can be.

Click here for the full list of romantic hotels in Cannon Beach.

What to eat for a romantic getaway in Cannon Beach

Staying at the Stephanie means staying just a stone’s throw away from the beach and all of the benefits that come with it, enjoying a bicycle ride through the sandy beach, and while we’re on the topic of spring date ideas, there’s really nothing stopping you from taking a bottle of wine and enjoying the sunset right on the beach, with Haystack Rock in the background.

If you worked up an appetite after your romantic stroll, you’ll be happy to know that the Stephanie and the surrounding area are home to intimate restaurants that make quaint towns such as these a hotbed for romantic getaways. Even so, the Stephanie’s delicious restaurants are the perfect place for a romantic meal.

The award-winning Chef Aaron Bedard crafts a seasonal menu that makes the most of the bounties of the Pacific Northwest, coupled with an extensive list of fine Oregon wines to provide you with the best during your romantic getaways.


3. Santa Fe, New Mexico

santa fe new mexico

The city of Santa Fe is the perfect destination for romantic getaways any time of the year, but Spring is the season when The City Different comes into its own and blossoms as a destination for romantic getaways, or even a uniquely charming honeymoon.

New Mexico’s capital blooms and comes alive during the springtime, a fun nightlife, charming city market, and thriving art scene, filled with intimate art galleries, people-watching street performers, and contemporary installations help give the city the hip and modern reputation it enjoys, with places like the Museum of International Folk Art boasting the largest collection of Folk art in the world.

The area is steeped in rich history, with the downtown Plaza being littered with historic buildings and picturesque streets, and for our choice of hotel in the area, we wanted to make the most of that unique charm.

Where to stay to make your getaway more romantic

The Inn of Five Graces

The perfect place for romance during your stay in the city, the Inn of Five Graces has that distinct New Mexico charm written all over it. From the moment you walk in you can tell that you’ve stepped into some different world, one dedicated wholly to making your romantic time in this beautiful city as special as possible.

The Inn of Five Graces is nestled in the heart of the city’s historic district and boasts Indian and Tibetan furnishings throughout the whole hotel resulting in a unique fusion of Asian decor and traditional New Mexico architecture and ambiance that is sure to make each warm night you spend at the Inn to be unforgettable. The scenic garden and terrace are the perfect romantic place for a night of stargazing or making new friends with the other guests.

You’ll have everything you need during your stay at the Inn, relax after a long walk throughout the charming cobblestone streets at the Inn’s lavish spa, where guests are pampered with a variety of beauty treatments and stress releasing massages.

After you’re done with your trip to the spa, stop by any of the incredible restaurants around the corner from the Inn of Five Graces.

What to eat for a romantic getaway in Santa Fe

Of course, it comes as no surprise that the City Different is one of the best places to enjoy a unique intersection of Mexican and Spanish cuisines for a delectable fancy dinner.

Blue Heron Restaurant in the storied Ojo Resort, has for years been a Santa Fe institution when it comes to fine dining. Nestled in a 70-acre farm, the Blue Heron focuses its efforts on delivering refined traditional Southwestern flavors using local ingredients for an incredible farm-to-table fine dining experience that you’ll remember well into the summer.

The Blue Heron also offers a comprehensive list of local fine wines and an impressive collection of craft beers to go along with the incredible food.

4. Spring Date Ideas in 2022

One of the greatest ideas for a day that is simultaneously so much fun and so full of romance, you can head on over to Albuquerque for the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, but I’d be remiss to mention the same thing twice in this list.

Pecos National Park

I did mention that we’d make the most of the cheery Spring season temperatures did I not? Take advantage of the longer days and head on down to a historic national park that tells the tale of the land through the people who lived in it. Pecos is only one of a wealth of parks and cultural attractions in the area, so make sure to take some time of your hopefully busy schedule to enjoy at least a few of them.

Pecos National Park is an ancient ruin on a hill thought to be the home to the ancient Pueblo People, who called the region their home long before English or Spanish occupation.

The Spanish Mission Church can be found at Pecos, detailing the story of Spanish Settlers and their troubles with the locals.


Loretto Chapel

If the sun is hiding and being outdoors doesn’t seem like a very attractive prospect, then worry not, the Loretto Chapel is a local icon and has an intriguing story behind it that makes it one of the finest destinations, whether it be Spring or summer.

The Loretto Chapel is the oldest building in the city, but the real attraction is inside the Church, the so-called Miraculous Staircase.

5. Lake Tahoe, California


A catch-all destination for your spring getaway to be sure, once the cold retreats and the sun comes out with its warm embrace, Tahoe comes alive in full, offering visitors anything from late-season snow, perfect hot chocolate weather, to summer beach days by the shore.

Spring cleaning takes a whole different meaning here, scenic hiking trails through the freshly verdant woods and cerulean blue crystal clear waters with soaring snowy mountains in the background come alive once more for another season of fun and splendor, welcoming you to one of California’s oldest and most celebrated romantic vacation spots.

Spring is the perfect time for a road trip up to Tahoe, you won’t have to worry about April showers ruining your special weekend. Fewer crowds and budget-friendly prices away from the frenzy of tourist season make Tahoe unrivaled in Spring when it comes to romantic destinations. You’re in for so much fun during your stay, with plenty of options for the night as well as the day.

Where to stay to make your getaway more romantic

Now, where to stay really depends on what you’re looking for during your visit, if you’re looking to make the most out of the remnants of the snowy season as Summer approaches, then the alpine Resort at Squaw Creek is your pick. On the other hand, if you’re looking to focus on the fun things that come with Spring and some night entertainment, then the Edgewood Tahoe Resort is perfect for you.

Where to stay to make your getaway more romantic (PART 1)

For lovers of the cold, the Resort at Squaw Creek
The Resort at Squaw Creek offers unmatched views of the mountains and surrounding forest and is one of the most romantic spots in the region. If you’re looking for some fun out in the slopes, or maybe you’re just looking for those majestic mountain views, the Resort at Squaw Creek definitely gets bonus points. During your stay make sure to spend time at the resort’s beautifully equipped spa, complete with a hot tub overlooking the forest. If the weather is up for it, the ski slopes are just a quick trip away from the resort, so you can enjoy those ski dates that summer will deprive you of Being in the middle of the mountains makes it a bit hard to reach the nearest town, but the resort has you covered, offering you an incredible restaurant located on-site so you don’t have to worry about losing out on romantic dates.

Where to stay to make your getaway more romantic (PART 2)

For those looking to work on their tan, the Edgewood Tahoe Resort

The Edgewood Tahoe Resort sits on the beachfront offering you views of the lake that’ll make you feel like you’re on an island in Key West sipping on a Margarita.

The Edgewood is the definitive hotel in Tahoe for those looking to make the most of the sunshine for some outdoor fun, lazy beach days, filled with paddle boarding and hiking through the nature that envelops the Resort.

What to eat for a romantic getaway in Lake Tahoe

First-class dining and amenities are offered to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during your special Spring getaway. The resort boasts 3 on-site restaurants, among which the renowned Edgewood Bistro, serving up fine contemporary American cuisine paired with an extensive wine list, most of which locally sourced from neighboring wineries, all of this with breathtaking views of the Lake.

Explore the surrounding natural park after your dip in the lake, and discover why Tahoe is so sought-after during the whole year, there are plenty of ideas on what you could do that I could write about here, but the format holds us to a measure of brevity. You can’t go wrong with any of the local parks in the area, but you could easily make a day trip out of visiting the local wineries if you get tired of being pampered at the hotel and being out and about in the park.

More romantic getaways in the USA

If you want to find more romantic hotels and getaways, we recommend these locations below, so you can find the perfect accommodation for your next getaway or vacation.

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