Romantic getaways for your anniversary

An anniversary is one of the most joyous days of the year for any couple, this year, instead of getting your significant other a bouquet of flowers and grabbing dinner at the nearby romantic restaurant, why not embark on a romantic getaway for your anniversary?

What makes a romantic weekend getaway special? Beautiful locations, a swanky boutique hotel in a bustling city, or a coastal resort where you can relive the happiest the days of your honeymoon in celebration of your anniversary.

Whatever you’re looking for your romantic getaways for your anniversary, you’ll find it in our list.

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List of romantic hotels for your anniversary

Auberge du Soleil

We’re starting off our list of the best romantic getaways for your anniversary in the Napa Valley, with the Auberge du Soleil. This stunning boutique hotel is nestled in a 33-acre olive grove.

The on-site restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients, and boasts an extensive wine collection, ideal for a night of fine dining during your romantic weekend.

A massage package from the lavishly equipped spa is the perfect place for your to relax during your couples getaway retreat.

The Setai

The Setai is a luxurious option of romantic getaway for your anniversary. Located in sunny Miami Beach’s famous Art Deco district, the Setai boasts 3 infinity swimming pools overlooking the ocean, as well as 4 on-site restaurants.

Each elegant room at this boutique hotel is stylishly decorated and furnished to make your romantic weekend getaway as special as you expect it to be.

The Halekulani

The Halekulani is home to an award-winning oceanfront restaurant, La Mer overlooking Waikiki Beach, the perfect setting for your anniversary dinner during your romantic weekend getaway.

Home to an incredible, lavishly equipped spa, and a scenic ocean facing swimming pool. 

A suite at this luxury hotel is brightly decorated and furnished, boasting spacious seating areas and oversized showers in the bathroom.

Four Seasons Resort Lana'i

Located right on the beach, the Four Seasons is the perfect luxury hotel for couples looking for a sunny romantic weekend in Hawaii.

You’ll find everything you need for a romantic getaway for your anniversary, the Four Seasons boasts a scenic ocean facing swimming pool and a fully equipped spa.

What makes the Four Seasons the ideal romantic hotel for your anniversary  is its stunning rooms. Each suite at the Four Seasons boasts hardwood floors and furniture, as well as an ample seating area with an ocean view.

Equinox Hudson

The Equinox is a stunning and unique luxury hotel, perfectly suited to be the home for a romantic getaway for your anniversary.

Situated in the heart of New York’s bustling Hudson Yards district, the Equinox boasts a scenic rooftop pool and lounge area, the ideal place for you to unwind during your romantic weekend.

Just a short walk away from the Equinox are some of the finest restaurants New York City has to offer.

The Cloister

If you’re looking for an intimate romantic getaway for your anniversary, then the Cloister in Sea Island Georgia is the ideal location for your couples getaway.

This Mediterranean inspired resort off the coast of Georgia boasts a fully equipped spa and multiple ocean facing swimming pools.

What makes this an incredibe romantic hotel for your anniversary is the Cloister’s phenomenal on-site restaurants serving a variety of different cuisines.

The Chanler

The Chateau-esque The Chanler is the ideal romantic hotel for your anniversary if you want to live your childhood fantasies with your loved one.

In addition to its gorgeous gardens, majestic arquitecture and dreamlike location, the Chanler boasts a stunningly equipped spa as well an incredible restaurant that overlooks the gardens.

Each elegant room at the Chanler features historic decór and furnishings. Luxuriously equipped bathrooms, cozy fireplaces and fine hardwood floors coalesce to create the perfect setting for your romantic weekend getaway.

Alila Ventana

Its difficult to find a better romantic getaway for your anniversary than a gorgeous boutique hotel tucked away on the plains of the Big Sur.

The Alila Ventana is the perfect hotel for couples looking for a state of the art spa. Its fully-equipped spa offers guests every kind of beauty treatment and massages that they could hope to enjoy during their romantic weekend getaway.

Each suite at this stunning hotel is lavishly furnished in warm colors, helping to create an elegant and warming atmosphere for your romantic weekend.

Bungalows Key Largo

The perfect hotel for couples looking for a warm romantic weekend getaway in sunny Florida’s Key Largo.

What makes this such an incredible romantic hotel for your anniversary is its stunning location, right on the beachfront, the Bungalows Key Largo boasts an ocean facing pool and cute little poolside cabanas, that make the ideal place for you to enjoy the company of your significant other.

Experience luxurious spa services at the Bungalow Key Largo’s state of the art spa, expertly staffed and equipped to help you unwind during your romantic weekend.

Omni Royal

Going back to the exciting and vibrant city of New Orleans, the Omni Royal is located right in the heart of the action, in the city’s iconic French Quarter.

As you’d expect from the perfect romantic hotel for your anniversary, the Omni Royal boasts multiple dining options located on-site, with the Rib Room standing out, serving decandent American cuisine.

Guests can grab a cocktail and enjoy a refreshing dive into the Royal’s rooftop pool, equipped with its very own poolside bar.

The Little Nell

On the other hand, if you’re looking to get away from everything and spend your romantic weekend with just your boo, then a mountain retreat at the Little Nell is sure to make the perfect romantic getaway for your anniversary.

Fully equipped to make sure your romantic weekend goes smoothly, the Little Nell is equipped with a state of the art spa, as well as a gorgeous swimming pool.

If you want to enjoy the area’s stunning natural beauty to the utmost, the Silver Queen Gondola is just around the corner, ready to take you to see the best views of your life.

Vintage House

If you’re looking to connect with your significant other without breaking the bank, the Vintage House is the perfect French style hotel for an inexpensive romantic getaway.

Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Restaurant serves sumptuous farm-to-table cuisine that you’ll find to be the perfect complement for any romantic getaways for your anniversary.

Sophisticated rooms are the cherry on top of the proverbial cake. Featuring fine hardwood floors and rustic fireplaces to create the perfect atmosphere for romance.

Bardessono Hotel

The Bardessono is a 5-starhotel located in California’s Napa Valley, famous for its incredible wines and stunning landscapes.

The Bardessono boasts a stunning swimming pool, as well as a fully equipped state of the art spa. Enjoy the area’s sumtpuous reds and delicate whites at Lucy, the on-site restaurant, serving up delicious American cuisine.

The White Barn Inn

The stunning White Barn Inn is the perfect hotel for a relaxed countryside honeymoon or a celebration of your most recent anniversary.

Located just around the corner from the beach, this Kennebunk hotel boasts a lavishly equipped full service spa, and a stunning romantic restaurant, serving delicious American cuisine to end each day of your couples getaway on the right note.

Each room at the White Barn is warmly decorated and furnished, with rustic fireplaces and spacious, gorgeously equipped bathrooms.

Inn at Perry Cabin

Finishing up our list, the Inn at Perry Cabin is the perfect romantic place to celebrate your love during your anniversary.

This 5-star lakeside resort is equipped with every amenity and comfort under the sun, and is sure to give you a fantastic time during your romantic weekend getaway.

Boasting a spacious swimming pool and a lavish spa, relaxing during your stay at the Inn is as easy as pie.

Overlooking the water, the on-site restaurant, Stars, serves a fusion of French and American cuisine, with a Mediterranean twist, that is sure to deliver a unique culinary experience.

Romantic things to do for your anniversary

Once you have chosen the perfect hotel for your romantic getaway, let’s find a complementary thing to do for your anniversay so you can get the most out of your couple’s vacation.

Dry Tortugas National Park

If you’re looking for a sunny romantic weekend getaway and head down to the Sunshine State, a visit to Dry Tortugas National Park is a must.

Crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches surround a century old ring fort. Book a book tour and go snorkeling to see some of the area’s vibrantly coloured wildlife.


The largest privately owned house in the United States, Biltmore was built by the exceedingly rich Vanderbilt family. Boasting a French inspired Chateau-esque arquitecture, a visit to Biltmore isn’t just a a cultural tour, its an experience in opulence on a scale you’ve likely never seen before.

Biltmore boasts lavish indoor decór and furnishings as well as various indoor gardens.

The mansion grounds are just as impressive as the mansion itself, boasting multiple colourful gardens that surround a vast lake.

Titanic Museum Attraction

What can be more romantic than a visit to the Titanic? Jump aboard a real life replica of the Titanic and explore the indoor areas and immerse yourself in the tale of this iconic cruiseliner.

After you’re done with the enormous boat, you can move on and visit the Museum and its multiple exhibits, detailing everything from the Titanic’s conception and construction all the way to its untimely demise.

Antelope Canyon

Located in Northern Arizona, Antelope Canyon is a beautiful sandstone slot canyon, home to awe-inspiring natural formations and breathtaking views, making it the perfect destination for a romantic weekend getaway celebrating your anniversary.

Book a tour and explore the very best this natural marvel has to offer.

Helicopter Tour over the Grand Canyon

We’d be remiss not to mention the iconic helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon that have made so many romantic weekend getaways and anniversary trips before yours so special.

Of course you could go the more basic route and admire the Grand Canyon from the ground. However, taking in the views from from high above the ground takes things to the best level, and is sure to deliver the very experience for your anniversary.

Aspen Snowmass

A cozy mountainside retreat in Aspen is the perfect time to try out some new things. And while in Rome, be Roman, so why not try some skiing alongside your significant other?

Aside from skiing, the mountain offers extremely privileged views of the surrounding area, sure to create the perfect atmosphere for an anniversary retreat filled with romance.

More romantic getaways for your anniversary

If you want to find more romantic hotels, we recommend these locations below, so you can find the perfect accommodation for your next romantic getaway or vacation.

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